Saturday, November 29, 2008

chat on hoopsworld

some stuff about the bull and rose was covered

Q:what player do u think the chicago bulls get in the 2010 market
Pree: One thing is for sure about the Bulls in the 2010 free agent market: they're going to be very, very attractive with a more mature Derrick Rose playing the point. You're only going to have Deng, Rose, Nocioni, and Noah under contract (since Hinrich will probably be moved by then). You'll probably have some more smaller contracts from what they get back after they S&T Gordon in the summer. Thomas and Sefolosha are toss-ups as to whether they'll be around.

So, with that setting the table, let's talk about who they will probably target and could sign. First and foremost, it'll depend on what the team does in trades, but we'll assume that there isn't anything that they'll do (although, trading for Kaman makes a ton of sense).

Here's who I'd call if I were the Bulls in '10, in order of the likelihood that I think it'll happen:
- Dwyane Wade: This one seems so obvious to me .. he works out in Chicago with Grover every summer .. born in Chicago, played ball in Oak Lawn .. will fit in nicely next to Rose ..
- Joe Johnson: I think this guy would really thrive as a 20-25 ppg EFFICIENT scorer playing next to Mr. Rose
- Craig Smith: it would be a much smaller signing, but his toughness is something I would like next to some of the finesse already on the roster
- Dirk Nowitzki: I doubt he'd go, but a run they should make
- Chris Bosh: this is the guy that I think is going to end up being more coveted than anyone else when things are said and done, sort of like Brand was this year. He'll fit in well next to Deng and Rose.

Q:Pree, would Chicago trading for Kaman be enough to get them back to a top for team in the east? Also, who would they give up?\

Pree: I don't know if it'll be enough to skyrocket them atop the East, which is better than I gave them credit for, but it'll certainly help. Aaron Gray and Joakim Noah are not a formidable tandem at the 5, but I can't blame everything the Bulls are going through on those two guys. I love Luol Deng and think he can be such a fantastic player - but good God almighty! - 13.1 points per game? .395 from the field? 5.4 boards is alright, but this guy got paid to be their franchise player. He should be better than this.

Sorry to go on that aside, but if they get Kaman, Rose and Gordon keep playing like this, and Deng puts it together .. then YES they'll be a top team in the East. That's asking a lot.

If I'm the Clippers, my starting point in the Kaman discussions would be Joakim Noah - he can learn from Camby and hopefully become a similar player. We'd have to add a big salary player and I would think Gooden could be a part of that conversation, but I doubt the Bulls give him up, which is where Nocioni might get involved in talks - the Clippers could use him as a 3/4 hybrid and a tough guy. The Bulls would have to sweeten the pot somehow if they're getting Kaman - an almost All-Star center - for Nocioni and Noah, but I could see it happening.

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