Thursday, November 20, 2008

sad sad sad

i had to turn the game off in the 3rd quarter - miserable

either vdn is terrible and the offense he is attempting to run is meant to look like 5 confused hs girls playing basketball, or the bull players are dumb. and i think it might be the latter.

bg is proving to be an idiot, and has no friends to tell him "hey man you can shoot, and d-rose can get you open looks if you don't dribble too much and force up bad runners that you have no business attempting." watch how he falls down every time he drives b/c he cannot control his body ("ignore it! it's what a body does!")

plus we have our double-project of joah "5 fouls faster than you can read this sentence" noah and ty "lowest basketball iq on the planet" thomas. then add aaron gray up front. d-rose has to be miserable having to play with (and pass to) these guys.

blogabull made me laugh ...

Aaron Gray. And Larry Hughes. Hughes at SF! Gray at a basketball position! In a regular season NBA game!

related note ... oden's "coming out party" 2 nights ago actually sucked (even tho everyone saw 22 and 10 and assumed he had a great game)

is he serious? Hughes vented his frustrations over playing time to reporters saying something had to change

i missed this from 20secondtimeout after the lakers game (and will post anything positive - meaning about rose - that i can at this point)

Derrick Rose led the Bulls with 25 points and a game-high nine assists. It is obviously very early in the season but Rose has impressed me more than any other rookie so far: he can shoot, pass and rebound, his defense is adequate--particularly for such a young, inexperienced player--and he plays at his own tempo, not allowing other players to force him to slow down or speed up. Rose is very quick, handles the ball well and has already mastered his own variation of the teardrop shot used by penetrating guards as diverse as Mark Jackson and Tony Parker. Point guard is probably the toughest position to play as a rookie, so Rose's performance so far is that much more impressive.

could it be? some non-bull related posts?

bear locker room


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