Wednesday, November 19, 2008

rose rose

truehoop rose analysis after lakers game

Rose momentarily hesitates with a little stutter-step that destabilizes Bynum. But there's still work to be done. He then lowers his head, splits the two big men, launches off his left foot as he brings the ball up for an acrobatic finish with his left hand. It's good, and it's beautiful.


What Rose seems to have, though, is the ability to improvise with purpose. It's a rare gift, even among pro ballers.

the article linked to this (posted last week)

espn chat
Q: What's Rose's ceiling? Second best PG behind CP3?
David Thorpe: Maybe higher.

Q: Derrick Rose. Wow. I am more and more impressed with him every game. I wonder how good he can be, and how better he would look with some more competent teammates. TT played a good role last night, running around doing a little bit of everything. I want to see more of that.
David Thorpe: Rose was really impressive last night, made me rewind numerous times.

Q: I said before the draft that I would take Mayo #1. Was I right, or would you still lean towards Rose or Beasley?
David Thorpe: Rose yesterday. Rose today. Rose tomorrow.

the bigs on the bull are terrible
- (scroll down to #2)

rookie of the year watch
- (column on the right) - includes magic johnson on rose:
Rose has been everything that Chicago thought he was going to be. Once he gets a better understanding of the game, he's going to be even better.

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