Sunday, November 23, 2008

rose rose rose (and some 2010)

not sure the article is worth reading - but i'll link to anything that says d-rose = future superstar

Tonight, the Nuggets will welcome rookie Derrick Rose to Pepsi Center for his first trip through Denver. The Bulls have been inconsistent this season and sometimes looked lost in the half-court offensively. That said, Rose is the truth. Fans will enjoy getting a chance to watch him play, and he's a kid I think has future superstar written all over him.

tired of the "class of 2010 ... knicks are now the favorite for bron" stuff. now the knicks are going to get bron / nash / bosh? seriously?? they made 2 trades to free up cap space, but it's still 20 months away. how many other teams can make similar moves between now and then?? (and on a side note, i want the bull to start freeing up space for little mentioned amare that summer)

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