Tuesday, November 18, 2008

lebron is good, so is d-rose

compare lebron to kobe? not even close

rose is decent for a young pg, and has a teacher who thinks he'll be great

"There's not much he needs to work on. He pretty much has the total package, but he needs to understand that when he's in a position to make a play, not to second guess himself. A lot of times he'll second guess himself about taking a shot at the free-throw line. If you get that shot ten times, take it ten times, you know? It's not a problem.

"Instinctively he makes the right plays," Hunter continues, "and those are things you can't teach in a young guard. I see him developing into one of the great ones. I can see him being a 20-10 guy like the kid in Utah and the kid in New Orleans. He's in that same mold. He really doesn't have that much to learn."

new rookie rankings

Rose leads the Bulls in minutes played (38.5) and assists (5.6) and is second on the team in scoring (18.9). He has scored 10 or more points in all 10 games the Bulls have played, the second time that has been accomplished by a Bulls rookie. Who was the first? Yep, it was MJ. It is rare for a player as young as Rose to be considered unguardable. Yet that word is always buzzing from scouts' lips after they watch him play. Usually, the line is, "Once he learns to shoot the ball, he'll be unguardable." Well, he's learning. He has hit four of his past 10 3-point attempts and makes enough midrange jumpers to force defenses to pick their poison: Try to stay close to him and risk being scorched by a dribble drive, or give him space and hope he misses. But remember, this young talent is a passer first, so giving him space also means he has more room and less pressure to deliver a pass. Since Nov. 5, he has made at least six assists each game. His on-court demeanor is still too quiet, but I actually like that -- he's earning respect with his game first. That's the only way to win over a veteran club, and he's doing it every night.

apparently i missed the last lil wayne blog

I can't believe Jose Canseco. When he submitted that testimony and you heard him talk it was like, come on, this is not the most intelligent guy in the world. He's sitting there saying the more I look back on the situation, the worse I feel. Come on, man. And now he's saying that if he ever sees those guys he'd definitely apologize to them? That's not enough. He ruined lives and careers and histories and now it's like he wants people to feel sorry for him. I do not have room in my heart for that dude. I am not with the Jose Canseco sympathy movement. I just like to replay the baseball bouncing off his head. That's pretty much what he's good for right now.

and there's a new one

Dwyane Wade actually lives in my building. We have this building where you are the only person living on a given floor, so when the elevator opens it's just your place. People usually just leave their doors wide open like I do and treat the elevator like their real front door because you're not supposed to ever stop on a floor that isn't yours. But one day I got on there and the floor stopped at eight and the door opened and there was Dwyane Wade standing there. I hollered at him and told him he had a nice place. We live on the beach, but the funny thing is some guys in his entourage have a place in another building and my entourage lives directly across from them.So my entourage and his entourage are always out playing basketball together. D-Wade's a cool guy, but I've never really been invited to his games. I guess I need tickets. I guess we could play video games or something together when we're both home, but I don't know if he plays and I'm not so good. I like to play golf and soccer video games, anyway.

I want to learn how to really play golf. I've only been to a driving range once, but I was too young to be interested. I know the game well and I always wonder how good I'd be if I really worked at it. It's a very strategic game and I'm kind of OK at things like that. I will do it one day, but of course I've got to get it right.

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