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I will try to be more consistent with new blog posts moving forward. Look for links (and more) every Tuesday and Friday. Those will be the two "regular" days each week. There may be other posts when I find some urgent/breaking news or have extra time (and because NBA season is right around the corner), but I will definitely try to make posts every Tuesday and Friday.

Also, please email BBS if you happen to come across any good articles about the Bulls (or anything NBA), Bears or White Sox. New email address: BullBearSock (at) gmail (dot) com


HoopsWorld Bulls Preview -
The Chicago Bulls had a good season last year and rookie Derrick Rose proved to be an elite player in his first year in the NBA. The Bulls held firm in free agency making only minor moves, although they did allow ben Gordon to leave via free agency. The Bulls will return the bulk of the team from last year's playoff run and look poised to be a playoff team again this season.

Here is a preview of what to expect this season, and what we here at HOOPSWORLD see as we look into the state of the Chicago Bulls in 2009-2010.

Derrick Rose's kicks for the upcoming season (pics) -
With the NBA season ready to tip-off in a little bit over a month, all of the major footwear brands are preparing to outfit their athletes in this year's performance footwear. For adidas' guards, that means the adidas TS Cut Creator. The TS Cut Creator will be worn by players such as Chauncey Billups and the reigning Rookie of the Year, Derrick Rose. The adidas TS Cut Creator features adidas Formotion, a large side vent for breathability, and functional Three Stripes that wrap around the foot for support.

adidas is set to roll out several coloraways of the TS Cut Creator which will include the Derrick Rose Black/Red/White Chicago Bulls colorway which features Black nubuck on the upper with White and Red accents. Read on for more pics.

Overvalued fantasy players -
Derrick Rose—Chicago Bulls

Derrick Rose elevated his game in the playoffs averaging 19.7 points, 6.4 assists, 6.3 assists, and shot 49 percent from the field. During the regular season, he finished ranked 17th in assists (6.3), along with .2 three-pointers per game, and .8 steals per game.

He is a dynamic point guard with great speed and strength but did not have a great fantasy season. For him to jump into the elite PG tier, he needs to increase his threes, steals, and free-throw percentage.

Owners may buy into his hype and draft him in rounds three or four. Remember, while Rose should improve this year, he ranked 91st on the ESPN fantasy player rater.

Chalk me up as someone who will over-value Rose and draft him way too early.

Not much on the Bulls after the intro paragraph ...
Rating the off-season of each Central Division team -
Much like in the Atlantic Division, the rich get richer in the Central. Cleveland made the most noise by acquiring Shaq in a trade with Phoenix, but it’s their other moves to solidify the bench that really puts the Cavs on top of their counterparts. Detroit didn’t do much to change their complexion as a team other than get a bit younger, while the Bucks decided to turn over quite a bit. Chicago did almost nothing, but actually might be better off with the the departure of Ben Gordon now that Derrick Rose will have more freedom to operate in the backcourt and Luol Deng is reportedly healthy. The Pacers? Well, aside from the departure of Jarret Jack, they didn’t make too many waves. Let’s take a look at the awards.

Best GIF from last NBA season. The youtube link to the same clip is in the "BBS Links" section to the right -->

D-Rose and Rainn Wilson (Dwight from The Office).

Free-agents who will break out -
However I think Ben Gordon will flourish Detroit's team-oriented style. It also gives Detroit a scorer, who unlike Iverson, doesn't have to take a high volume of shots to get his points.

Really? Let me point out a few games from last season:

Date - shots / points
Nov.11 - 20 / 20
Nov.15 - 19 / 19
Nov.18 - 22 / 23
Nov.19 - 12 / 11
Nov.21 - 15 / 13

And that's just the first month of the season!

I realize he was a great player for the Bulls - When he is on fire there are few players who can score the way that BG can. And obviously scoring the basketball is a major part of the game. But I think the Bulls will be a better team moving forward without BG. I don't want to get too into it right now because I need something to write about in my Bulls season preview.

Awesome MJ photo. (via @jeskeets)

NBA predictions, who wants to be compared to Kanye?
Lebron James Becomes the Kanye West of the NBA

Probability: .5

I thought about comparing Lebron to Megan Fox instead since they are both talented on the stage but stupid when they talk off-the-record, Transformers 2 reminds me of the Cavaliers in the playoffs and they both have ridiculous tatoos, but in the end Lebron/Kanye have such a similar God-complex that I simply couldn't resist. Both have an incredible amount of talent, incredible egos (his second child has the middle name "Maximus"), and every award available (except the Championship). What does Kanye West do when put in a potentially embarrassing situation by South Park? He writes an unintentionally hilarious blog post explaining his personality type. What does Lebron James do when he is dunked on by a rookie? Tries to stronghand Nike into suppressing the tape of the incident. As if you needed further proof, he has "Witness" and "Chosen 1" tatooed on his body. Does anyone remember the pic of Kanye on the cover of Rolling Stone with a crown of thorns? I'm just saying. If Lebron wants to be a true NBA legend, he better clean up his act. That's something that will not happen if he moves to New York or Brooklyn. If he re-signs with the Cavs then I think there is still hope.


Duckfart said...

"As if you needed further proof, he has "Witness" and "Chosen 1" tatooed on his body."

I've been saying this for years. I'm not bragging, I just love that people are finally catching on to how unlikeable he is.

Kmart said...

2J - Thanks for posting that last quote just for me and duckfart. Hate LBJ.

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