Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Last Sox post of the season?

As the Sox seemingly wave the white flag of surrender for the 2009 season, this may be my final Sox post until the offseason. No need to cover a dying team when Bears football is about to begin and the Derrick Rose led Bulls are looking to improve upon their improbable near-upset of the Boston Celtics in the first round of the playoffs.

White Sox deal Thome, Contreras - ESPNChicago.com

Jim Thome was one of the classiest athletes to come through Chicago in a long time. He will be missed by the fans and surely his teammates. He came to Chicago to win a ring with the Sox after 2005, unfortunately for him the team never quite got everything put together for a serious run during his tenure on the South Side. I hope he is able to help the Dodgers succeed and, assuming they make the playoffs, I will be 100% behind LA to win it all for two reasons:

1. They have Big Jim
2. I still appreciate how they thoroughly humiliated the Cubs and brought their fanbase crashing back down to earth last year. Thing of beauty.

I am glad to see Thome land on a real contender. Although I will admit that a National League team picking him up is a bit puzzling. Do the Dodgers really intend on using him in the field? Is he only going to be a situational pinch hitter? Are they banking on making the series and using him as the DH? Time will tell. With Thome moving out, Tyler Flowers is being called up from the minors. Flowers is the heir apparent at catcher for the White Sox and largely considered to be one of top prospects in the Sox system, and all of baseball for that matter. He will likely get a chance to start some games at catcher and fill in the vacated DH role.

Contreras' departure is more of a relief than anything else. It's clear his best days are far, far behind him. But before Sox fans rejoice too much remember that it was Contreras who was nearly unhittable down the stretch in 2005 and is a big reason they won the World Series. He gave us some good years (albeit inconsistent years). Good luck to him in Colorado...but I don't see his control issues coupled with the thin mountain air being a good combination. But, you never know, it's the NL so he might just go over and dominate the AAAA competition.

Only good thing about last night's Sox game? Only 2 more games EVER in that sh*thole of a dome

Good riddance Twinkie dome...you won't be missed. In fact, Guillen is going to help say goodbye to the dome in their nightly countdown ceremony.

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