Friday, September 25, 2009

Bears v. Seahawks Preview

Before the season, all 3 BBS writers picked a blowout Bears win this week -
-3- Sept. 27 at Seattle, 3:05 p.m., Fox-32

2j – Can you name 5 guys on the Seahawks? Me neither. This should be an easy win for the Bears. Bears 34, Seahawks 10

Kmart –I really can’t give any better analysis than Jim on this one. Hasselback, Houshmandzadeh… I’m out. Bears 35, Seahawks -12… yes that’s a negative

DC – The Seahawks are actually getting a little bit of hype this year. It reminds me of how the Cardinals were the sleeper for the past 7 years or so. Good thing for the Bears is that it took 7 years for the hype to be real. Hasselback vs. Cutler? Easy one here. Bears 31, Seahawks 10

Simmons is taking the Bears, but more because of Seneca Wallace than Jay Cutler -
Bears (-2) over SEAHAWKS
I received so many "Jay Cutler is the next Jeff George" e-mails these past three weeks that I'm going to have to run one just to stop the influx (from Tony in St. Louis): "Isn't Cutler the Jeff George of this era? He has it all: rocket arm, surly disposition, can turn a fan base against him at the drop of a hat. Will he impress one front office after another with his physical skills only to ultimately disappoint and move on after two years? Prediction: In 2022, a wheelchair-bound Al Davis signs balding, 39-year-old Jay Cutler to a two-year, $66 million contract with the Raiders. Then cuts him five days later."

In other news, we need to come up with a phrase to describe those Awkward White Guy Plays like the one in which Matt Hasselbeck got injured last week. If you didn't see it, he scrambled out of the pocket, thought he might be able to scramble into the end zone, realized he couldn't -- uh-oh, Awkward White Guy Play coming up! -- then ended up lurching forward with a dive, only he looked like a wrapped-up corpse that was being tossed into the ocean by gangsters. THUD! So what do we call these moments? Does "Awkward White Guy Play" cover it? Could we did deeper with something like "Vanilla Pudding Play"? Or just a two-word thing like "Caucasianistically Challenged"? Or maybe just "Went honky on us"? I'd like to figure this out. In a related story, Hasselbeck cracked a rib and ushered in a few weeks of the Seneca Wallace Temp QB Era, or as it's better-known, "Ka-Ching."

In Chicago, He Who Dealt It Is Also Fined For It

The issuance of flatus during film sessions is enough of a disruptive force for the Bears that any player who lets one loose is slapped with a $20 fine.

Now, before you go thinking that Lovie Smith has become a taskmaster on par with Eric Mangini, who, if you'll recall, fined a player four figures for not paying for a $3 water bottle during the preseason, this is a matter of self-policing by Bears players.

At least that's what Bears defensive tackle Anthony Adams has divulged in a post for a Chicago Tribune blog.

Adams has also spotlighted a serial worst offender in defensive end Mark Anderson, whose eruptions could possibly clear out all of Soldier Field.

Housh calls out Bears D -
T.J. Houshmandzadeh was the biggest free agent wide receiver on the market this offseason, but despite all the Bears uncertainty at the position, Jerry Angelo decided to take a pass.

"Ah man, the Bears ain't holler at me," the receiver said Wednesday on a conference call with Chicago media. "Jerry Angelo probably didn't think I could play, so I'm going to show him Sunday."

"I didn't hear from Chicago, I don't think my agent did, I know I didn't," said Houshmandzadeh. "It is what it is, they got good receivers there.

"Devin Hester is going to develop into a pretty good receiver. He has great quickness, great lateral movement, great speed, great hand-eye coordination. So, he should be able to develop into a pretty good receiver, if he has the coaching and they open up the pass game for him."

It's not like Houshmandzadeh is losing sleep over not coming to Chicago -- especially since he received a 5-year, $40 million dollar contract from Seattle.

Bears refuse war of words with Housh
Technically speaking, Seahawks receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh has bragging rights over Bears linebacker Lance Briggs.

Back in 2000, when Briggs was in his second year at Arizona and Houshmandzadeh was in his one and only year at Oregon State, Houshmandzadeh's Beavers pummeled Briggs' Wildcats 33-9.

"I've been playing against T.J since college, so I know what type of competitor he is," Briggs said Thursday. "The guy can play."

He can run his mouth too.

Houshmandzadeh's brash comments that he will best the Bears' defensive backs 95 percent of the time Sunday and show up general manager Jerry Angelo for not signing him in free agency echoed Thursday throughout Halas Hall.

"Sounds like a bitter guy," Briggs said. "Maybe he wanted to play in Chicago. If he's going to show what he's going to do on Sunday, tell you what, so are we. So am I."

Bears secondary -
Bears cornerback Charles Tillman bristled at the suggestion that the Pittsburgh Steelers seemed to be targeting him Sunday, even though his position partner, Zackary Bowman, admitted he wasn't getting tested on the right side.

''I did notice, like everyone else did, that they were going at the left side a lot,'' Bowman said. ''I was just kind of on alert on the right side. Just being ready, for at any time they could come at me.''

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