Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Links (Bulls and Bears)

ESPN Summer forecast has the Bulls 6th in the East -
Our voters have the Bulls winning as few as 30 games and as many as 55, and perhaps it comes down to what they think of reigning rookie of the year Derrick Rose, whose scintillating playoff performance was followed by a tumultuous summer. In any case, most of our panel is bullish on Chicago overall.

30 - 52? These voters must be crazy!! How do you think the Bulls will do?

Arroyo not coming to the Bulls
A Puerto Rican newspaper El Nuevo Dia reported Saturday that former Magic and Pistons point guard Carlos Arroyo is close to signing a one-year, $1 million deal to join the Bulls.

The report isn't accurate, though, as it appears Arroyo's agent is trying to drum up interest for his client. The Bulls are set at point guard with Derrick Rose, Kirk Hinrich and even Lindsey Hunter and Jannero Pargo in spot minutes.

Cutler OK with WRs -
Turns out GM Jay is just going to be quarterback Cutler. You can forget the idea of a meeting with the player, the coaching staff, the personnel department and the rest of the brain trust regarding the Bears' receiving corps.

''We haven't had any formal talks yet; I don't think we will,'' Cutler said Tuesday without the hint of a smile. ''I think they know how I feel about it, who I trust and who I feel comfortable with. I think they're on the same page. But that being said, there's still money, and there's still other issues that aren't just how you play on the field. We have to take those into consideration as well.''

You have to love Cutler all but demanding awhile back that he have a say on roster spots for the guys who can help him most. You have to love Cutler now conceding there's a bigger picture to consider. You have to love Cutler standing before the media Tuesday and saying he doesn't believe there are going to be any outside names added at receiver. Most of all, you have to love Cutler saying the guys the Bears already have are good enough.

''No matter how it gets shaken down, we're going to be good,'' Cutler said.

He's so convincing, you almost believe him. Sadly, the only certainty with the receiving corps is that it will be blamed first if the offense doesn't click.

NBA's top 25. My 2 complaints are:
-1- No D-Rose (and somehow Jamison made the list?!)
-2- Durant should be # 2 or 3

2009-10 NBA Fantasy Preview: Top 15 Shooting Guards -
11. John Salmons

Owners got excellent value when they drafted Salmons 2008-09 as he became one of the most underrated fantasy players by quietly putting together a top breakout season.

Salmons is a savvy scorer who much like Josh Howard may seem quiet but always ends the night filling the box-score in some way. Salmons also proved he was more than just a scorer as he had good rebounding numbers in addition to solid assist totals.

With Ben Gordon leaving town look for Salmons to improve all over the board as he becomes the primary benefactor of Derrick Rose’s passes and a top scoring option in Chicago.

TrueHoop Wednesday Bullets
Can you imagine Derrick Rose with a wholly reliable jumper? Very tough to stop. Matt McHale of Bulls by the Horns writes: "His Effective Field Goal Percentage near the hoop was .577 but only .419 when shooting from distance. Clearly, his outside marksmanship wasn't what it could be, especially from three-point range, where he converted only 16 of 72 attempts (22 percent). However, his stroke -- not to mention his confidence in it -- improved over the course of his rookie year. In fact, according to the Hotspots page, Rose went 43-for-81 (53 percent) from midrange over the last 10 games of the regular season. And he's been working hard on his shot, taking 500 (or more) jumpers a day, six days a week."

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