Friday, September 4, 2009

BullBearSock... IRISH!

While the title of this blog remains Bull Bear Sock, we continue to write about all things sports. At least until our other blog FireHawkSky takes off. Last night the college football season kicked off, and while most people in major metropolitan areas yawn over this, it's a HUGE deal to most areas that don't have an NFL team (see: Detroit).

For those of you who don't care about college football because you don't have a legitimate team to cheer for, let me make my bandwagon case for the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame.

I've spent my whole life with an unhealthy obsession for Notre Dame Football. I grew up cheering for the Irish because my Grandfather actually graduated from Notre Dame in '49 and had a brief stint playing for the Blue and Gold.

-This of course left me gloriously disheartened and extremely spiteful when they jumped the admissions standards 10-fold, and left me and 98% of the other high school applicants on the southside of Chicago at the doorstep, Rocket Ismail jerseys in hand. But seven years later (not still bitter or anything) I'm completely over it, and I've realized since than that you don't need to go to Notre Dame to be a fan of their football team.

A couple buddies of mine, Eric and Sprout, are hosts of The Subway Alumni Show. Subway Alumni was a term that was coined to describe a fan of a college team who didn't attend or graduate from that institution. It was first used to describe the many New York City fans who followed Notre Dame football.

Eric and Sprout are now in their second season and are pretty much overnight celebrities (much like the writers of BullBearSock) on Notre Dame's campus. None of this has anything to do with why you should be a Notre Dame football fan, but if you are...or inquiring to be, check out their show. It's an entertaining look at ND football and offers drunken analysis... which is exactly what you get here.

Anyways, back to why you should cheer for the Irish every September. It's the most storied college football team in the sport. Seven Heisman winners, 11 National Championships, Touchdown Jesus, Knute Rockne, the Golden Dome. Notre Dame is college football, and it's only an hour outside of Chicago. If you haven't been to an ND game for a tailgate, I implore you to go. A Saturday morning in South Bend on game day is a religious experience.

Sure, recently the only college football relevancy the Irish have had has been as a punchline, but this year should be a good year for them. I'll be there this weekend to watch them take on Nevada. Hopefully I'll remember to bring my camera and post some pictures. Official Bull Bear Sock (Irish) prediction 10-2.


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