Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bears Season Preview / Predictions

Here’s a look at all 3 BBS writers’ predictions and insights for each game of the upcoming Bears season ...

-1- Sept. 13 at Green Bay, 7:20 p.m., Ch. 5

2j – First, I hope the Bears have signed Marvin Harrison before this game. We literally have no receivers. Either way, it will be nice to start the season with a road win in the division. We have the clear cut advantage at QB against the Packers for the first time … ever. This win sets the tone for the season. Bears 24, Packers 20

Kmart –This will be a tough game for the Bears secondary. The Packers might have the best offense in the league that no one talks about. Rodgers has proved he is a legit NFL QB and can hit Jennings and Driver for a deep threat at any time. However, much of the media has completely lost sight of the fact that the Packers switched their defense from a 4-3 to a 3-4 and do not have the defensive personnel in place to make squad significantly better. Bears 35, Packers 31

DC – I am really going to try and work these game previews as objectively as I possibly can. So I’ll start by saying, while I believe Cutler is the superior QB…I don’t think the edge is a big as 2J made it out to be. Rodgers is very good and with the Bears current dearth of quality starters in the secondary (our best cover CB Tillman is still only 50-50, as of Sept. 8th, to play in this game) I’m worried about this game. I think the Bears have the edge in the running game, special teams and defense….so that is why I’ll pick them to win this game. But that could all be for nothing if last year’s pass D shows up and gets shredded like cheese on a taco all game long. It’s never easy to win in Green Bay…but Lovie has shown the ability to do it, and now he actually has a QB. Bears 21, Packers 17

-2- Sept. 20 PITTSBURGH, 3:15 p.m., Ch. 2

2j – I still don’t like Ben Roethlesberger, and I still don’t really know why. I do like more 3pm starts for the Bears this year … up from zero last year. Much easier to get up and out for the games after a rough Saturday night. Jay Cutler will throw a laser-rocket so hard and fast that it will melt Polamalu’s hair off, Bears use the momentum to get a big win at home. Bears 20, Steelers 14

Kmart – I agree with Jim. I hate Ben. I hate this game. My guess is the well coached Steelers pick the secondary apart with quick slants across the middle all game. Bears will have a hard time getting off the field on third down. Bears lose big. Steelers 30, Bears 17

DC – If Charlie Batch starts this game…Bears should stroll to a W. But I have a feeling that Big Ben will be in the lineup for this game. He’ll definitely look to take advantage of the Bears secondary. Probably assault our CBs with some short passes looking to open up the field so he can throw balls deep and really force himself to score near the goal line. OK, after breaking record for not-so-subtle Big Ben rape insinuations, let’s really get to it. TOUGH home opener to get the defending champs. Even with Big Ben at 75% this will be a tough one to pull out…he does play hurt a lot. The key to the game will be Cutler’s ability to open up running lanes for Forte with the passing game. The Bears will really have to grind out an old-fashioned win in my opinion. My heart says Bears, my head says Steelers in a close one. Steelers 23, Bears 20

-3- Sept. 27 at Seattle, 3:05 p.m., Fox-32

2j – Can you name 5 guys on the Seahawks? Me neither. This should be an easy win for the Bears. Bears 34, Seahawks 10

Kmart –I really can’t give any better analysis than Jim on this one. Hasselback, Houshmandzadeh… I’m out. Bears 35, Seahawks -12… yes that’s a negative

DC – The Seahawks are actually getting a little bit of hype this year. It reminds me of how the Cardinals were the sleeper for the past 7 years or so. Good thing for the Bears is that it took 7 years for the hype to be real. Hasselback vs. Cutler? Easy one here. Bears 31, Seahawks 10

-4- Oct. 4 DETROIT, noon, Fox-32

2j – I hope the Lions are starting a rookie QB at this point. Bears win this one BIG. Also, I would like to take this chance to tell all Detroit fans to have fun convincing yourselves that you actually like watching the most selfish, me-first basketball player on earth – Ben Gordon. Bears 45, Lions 6

Kmart – I love Ben Gordon. Bears 67, Lions 0

DC – The Detroit Shock have a better chance of beating the Bears this year. Bears 35, Lions 3

-5- Oct. 11 BYE

2j – Sort of an early bye week, but who cares?
Kmart –
DC – Bears 34, BYE 6….tougher opponent than the Lions

-6- Oct. 18 at Atlanta, 7:20 p.m., Ch. 5

2j – Hoping Michael Turner is feeling the effects of 370 carries last year. Seems like the Falcons should be in for a letdown this season, everything went too well for them last year. The Bears will put them in their place. Bears 35, Falcons 17

Kmart – We beat the Falcons last year (if you blacked out Lovie Smith’s last minute brain-fart squib-kick). These teams are pretty evenly matched, but when you look at the quarterback comparisons Jay Cutler is much better than Michael Vick. Bears 30, Falcons 27

DC – As 2J rightly points out…Turner is carrying the “Curse of 370” this season so he’ll probably have suffered a double rupture of both ACLs by the time this game rolls around. Assuming that is true the Bears will win this game. If Turner is somehow still able to walk/run for this game, Atlanta is a scary team to play…especially at home. Atlanta will either prove they are a team on the rise or last season was a fluke. I don’t expect Matt Ryan to make any leaps this year…and Bears owe him a loss for the flukey win they stole from the Bears last season. Bears steal a close one. Bears 28, Falcons 27

-7- Oct. 25 at Cincinnati, noon, Fox-32

2j – The Bengals could be decent, depends a lot on how Carson Palmer performs. Decent isn’t enough to play with the Bears. Bears 31, Bengals 7

Kmart – Child Please. The Bengal’s defense isn’t there yet. Jay goes off. Bears 42, Bengals 28

DC – Bears will make the Bengals “Kiss the baby” en route to a victory. Bears 24, Bengals 14

-8- Nov. 1 CLEVELAND, noon, Ch. 2

2j – Ohio for 2 straight games? Unlucky for Bears players, but more unlucky for Ohioians (?) who have to suffer thru another dominant performance by the Bears. Bears 45, Browns 13

Kmart – If the Browns could somehow lure Jeff Samardzija away from the Cubs, they might have a chance. The Cubs unwillingness to make any significant moves will doom Cleveland. Bears 45, Browns 3

DC – Do the Browns even know who their QB is at this point? Doesn’t the season start in 7 days? Bears 37, Browns 9

-9- Nov. 8 ARIZONA, noon, Fox-32

2j – Cardinals were great last year … wait they had the same record as the Bears?! And we didn’t have Jay Cutler?! And they play in the NFC West?! What a joke. Bears 27, Cardinals 10

Kmart – Lance Briggs temporarily paralyzes Kurt Warner on a blitz. Matt Lienart comes in against Jay Cutler to remind the franchise what a terrible pick he was. Jay Cutler shits all over everyone. Bears 60, Arizona 18

DC – I really think this will be a tough game. It will all hinge on the Bears pass rush. If they can get to Warner on a regular basis and force him into some bad throws, the Bears will win this game. By week 9 we should have a good idea if the Marinelli effect has really bolstered the pass rush or not. I’m an optimist, so let’s go with Bears 30, Zona 21

-10- Nov. 12 at San Francisco, 7:20 p.m., NFL Network

2j – Thursday night game, could be fun … and we’ll have to hit up the bars because it is on NFL Network. Bears D should have a dominant game against JT O’Sullivan, unfortunately we may embarrass former Bear Mike Singletary in the process of destroying his team. Bears 38, Niners 3


DC – Short week + road game has all the earmarks for an upset for the 49ers. The only problem is it’s the 49ers. Bears win, but look a bit sluggish. Don’t be shocked with an upset here (like Samurai Mike won’t have his team chomping at the bit for this one)…but I don’t see it happening. Bears 20, Niners 14

-11- Nov. 22 PHILADELPHIA, 7:20 p.m., Ch. 5

2j – Actually a really tough game, D has to prepare for Wildcat/Vick rather than a standard offense. This will be a great test to see where the Bears are really at compared to a tough team from the NFC East. Bears 17, Eagles 13

Kmart – We never play well against McNabb This reminds me of the time me and Jantz got smashed for the 2001 playoff game and McNabb was running all over the field on us while I passed out in sub-zero temperatures. Eagles 30, Bears 27

DC –This will be one of the defining games of the season for the Bears. If the Bears come in with a record as good as I predict with a solid Eagles team coming into town for a night game in November, this one could be a classic. The Bears will have a big advantage coming off a long layoff after the Thursday night game in San Fran. I see the crowd being absolutely vicious and spurring the Bears to a huge victory. Bears 27, Eagles 10

-12- Nov. 29 at Minnesota, noon, Fox-32

2j – At Minny against Favre and AP. Hopefully Favre will be at the point where he is throwing 3-4 picks a game, and AP is fumbling all over the place. The Bears D has that effect on people. Bears 31, Vikes 13

Kmart – Favre’s career record at the baggie dome 5-10. Bears 35, Vikings 28

DC – Minnesota will be one of the best teams in the NFC this year…good teams hold form at home. The Bears will have the opportunity for payback in week 16. Letdown game after the Eagles win on Sunday night. Vikings 20, Bears 10

-13- Dec. 6 ST. LOUIS, noon, Fox-32

2j – Wish this was in Chicago, December games in a dome are for losers. Bears will still win big. Bears 28, Rams 6

Kmart – Is Albert Pujols on the Rams? No? Than Bears win. Bears 45, Rams -2

DC – Shut down Steven Jackson. Shut down the Rams. The Bears D will do well against this one dimensional offense…and Cutler won’t have to deal with any Soldier Field wind and cold in the dome. Bears 21, Rams 3

-14- Dec. 13 GREEN BAY, noon, Fox-32

2j – Love when the Packers come to town, especially when it is ultra cold. Let’s hope for snow and windchills well below zero. It’s so awesome when the Bears come out without sleeves for these games. Bears 24, Packers 13

Kmart – Bears get carved up in the first half, but remember that Kyle Orton isn’t on our team anymore and we put up 30 in the second half for a comeback win Bears 42, Packers 32

DC – Lovie notches another 2-0 season against the Pack. Soldier Field is an absolute madhouse for this one. Take no prisoners. Bears 24, Packers 7

-15- Dec. 20 at Baltimore, noon, Fox-32

2j – Doesn’t the Ravens D have to get old at some point?! JC might help with that process by throwing laser-rockets around and thru the secondary. Bears 13, Ravens 7

Kmart – Ray Lewis threatens to stab jay cutler if he doesn’t stop throwing TD’s. He listens. Ravens 21, Bears 20

DC – At Baltimore. Rough one. Their defense seems to be ageless and always a huge problem. Their lack of talent on offense it what gives you hope. Can’t win em all. Ravens 17, Bears 13

-16- Dec. 28 MINNESOTA, 7:30 p.m., ESPN

2j – Favre in Chicago, wearing purple. Bears 24, Vikes 13

Kmart – The other Adrian Peterson has a breakout game for the Bears. Two forced fumbles on special teams. Matt Forte proves why he should be number 1 fantasy player taken. Jared Allen gets a dart in the neck. Bears 38, Vikings 30

DC – This game will likely decide the NFC North…who wins it and gets a bye vs. who gets the wild card berth and gets the Giants on the road in the playoffs. Just like in Week 14, expect Soldier Field to be insane. Monday Night Football + Vikings/Favre + Chicago in December = must see TV. This game will be an absolute dogfight. Bears win the game and the North, many Chicagoans show up to work hungover on Tuesday. Bears 14, Vikings 7

-17- Jan. 3 at Detroit, noon, Fox-32

2j – Easy division win, though I doubt the Lions will be going for 0-16 again. Bears 31, Lions 0

Kmart – MSU would give the Bears a tougher game. Bears 100, Lions 3

DC –Even if Lovie pulls a Dungy and sits the starters for this game (having already clinched the North and a first round bye) the Bears B-squad takes it to them. Bears 28, Lions 10


2j – I don’t see a loss on the schedule. 16-0.
Kmart – 13-3… on second look I don’t see us winning more than 10 games… but who cares?
DC – 13-3….but keep an eye on the Falcons game or a shocking 49er upset to make it 12-4


Kmart said...

The Madden Curse strikes again!!! With Polamalu on the shelf Jay Cutler gets nasty. Bears beat the world's luckiest team week 2.

DC said...

Yeah after watching the Steelers last night, I think the Bears can win that I'll change the Atlanta game to a loss and make week 2 a win. Let's be honest, there's no way in hell the Bears are going 14-2

2j said...
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2j said...

Yeah, I definitely **DON'T** see 2 losses on the schedule - so no way they go 14-2.

Duckfart said...

You know it's a popular blog when all three writers comment on their own post. These posts were hilarious. 2j and KMarts' posts were Vintage Dan Jiggets wack-off material. I couldn't think of a bigger waste of time than to read your guys' posts again, or for the first time for that matter. DC's posts were a big time downer. Just filled with facts and legitimate points. It was like listening to a Nirvana box set. I feel like you attend funerals for leisure. Anyways, hilarious stuff guys.

GOAT said...

"We have the clear cut advantage at QB against the Packers for the first time … ever."

Clear cut advantage? Cutler hasn't had a single season better than Rodgers had in his first full season last year.

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