Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Michael Jordan Collection, Part 2

I posted "The MJ Collection, Part 1" the other day, and here is the rest of my collectibles/memorabilia, all of my favorite items! (Before I get too far into Part 2, just wanted to say a special thanks to my mom and dad for helping me collect all of these items!)

And now the truly collectible items:

Limited edition Upper Deck photo commemorating Bulls 70 Win season -

Set of 6 Upper Deck MJ cans (unopened) containing UD cards -

Photo commemorating "The First Shot" -


Limited edition MJ lunchbox (still sealed in plastic) -


Gold coin commemorating Bulls 5th championship, and 3 gold player coins (Jordan, Pippen and Rodman) -


Limited edition mini-basketball celebrating the Bulls 70 win season -


Limited edition MJ watch (still has the plastic over the face) -


Plaque commemorating MJ's career, containing limited edition gold MJ stamp -


Close-up of that stamp -



Limited edition, hand-painted plates:











And finally, the items that make my collection unique, the MJ basketball cards:

The first Jordan card I ever owned:


on plaques:


Lots of random Jordan cards collected from card shows/shops:


Random over-sized MJ cards:


Baseball rookie and basketball comeback:


23k gold card commemorating 70-win season:


My personal favorite random MJ cards -




Set of 5 all metal basketball cards, with metal case:


Baseball version:



"Michael's Marquee Matchups" & "Michael's Viewpoints" (both still sealed) -


Filmstrip-style set commemorating MJ's career -

Favorites from that set -

"Rare Air" (90 card set) -

Some of my favorites from that set -

"Jordan Tribute" (30 card set from Upper Deck) -

Personal favorites from that set -

Over-sized 10-card "Greater Heights" set -


2 sets of Upper Deck "Michael Jordan Career Set" and "23 Nights: The Jordan Experience" (all 3 boxes still sealed) -

3 wax-sealed box sets of North Carolina cards (at least 2 MJ cards in each box, still sealed) -

Autographed card -

2 Rookie cards -

MJ's Final Floor: Limited edition 23k gold card that has a piece of the court from Utah (1998 NBA Finals Game 6 - MJ's last game)embedded in the card -

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Anonymous said...

Whats the value of the "MJ's Final Floor: Limited edition 23k gold card that has a piece of the court from Utah (1998 NBA Finals Game 6 - MJ's last game)embedded in the card" I'm asking because I own one with a few other rare pieces as I made these for Upper deck years ago with my pops. Spent countless hours counting and recounting with white gloves and its time to let go. I also have final strikes pre run with 000 as the number, as those where the sign off cards for production. I would walk literally over to Upper-deck from our office and get approval and then run them. I have a very rare gold etched metal card of Jordan for his golf players card. It will be up online soon for sale. If interested in what I have please contact me. 19-822-8188

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