Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bull Bear Sock gets a facelift... along with the UC

So, I've been reading a lot on how to run the world's most successful blog. Since we already have 3 of the best copy and pasters err writers on the planet, I figured there had to be other ways to improve the board beyond it's writing.

One suggestion in the article I read was ease of use. This seemed like a good place to start since I'm sure most of our 'readers' have attempted to leave a comment and had the comment glitch delete it, only to give up and not bother re-typing their thoughts. Well Bull Bear Sock readers, we've fixed it! please continue to copy your entry before submitting so that you can paste it two or three times before your thoughts finally post and are with the board!

Another suggestion was to add to the blog's aesthetics. Since I didn't know what that meant, I just made a super sweet banner with photoshop microsoft paint.

All in all... it's a whole new blog... make sure to keep reading so when we blow up, you can say you've been with us since the beginning (and if you're into skinny jeans, neon sunglasses, and vintage military hats you can stop reading and complain to everyone about how our blog used to be good until we sold out)

And in much more real news, the United Center is also getting a makeover!

The Return of the Madhouse on Madison

The United Center announced today the re-creation of its 300 Level into the newest destination for fans to experience Chicago Bulls and Chicago Blackhawks games - The Madhouse on Madison.

New for the 2009-10 season, the United Center's 300 Level will feature a renovated concourse with 144 flat screen televisions powered by LG, new food and beverage stations above select seating sections and two new bars that open up to panoramic views of the arena.

With construction slated to be completed by September, The Madhouse on Madison will include:

Exciting graphics and signs highlighting "The Madhouse on Madison"
A variety of new menu items provided by the United Center's new food and beverage provider, Levy Restaurants

A new concession stand and seating area located in Section 326 called "Backstage." This area will replicate the atmosphere of being backstage at a United Center concert and will include photos of music acts that played at the United Center along with a specialized menu from Levy Restaurants.

New concession stands and bars located at the top of the 300 Level on the north side of the arena to provide fans sitting in that area with easy access to food and beverage service.

Two new novelty areas carrying merchandise unique to The Madhouse on Madison
New concourse food stations with increased seating.

New video systems featuring photography, video and animation on the concourse walls which will create images and specialized programming for each individual event.

"The Madhouse on Madison, a throwback to the old Chicago Stadium nickname, is another example of the innovative concepts we're creating at the United Center in an effort to continually enhance and upgrade our fans game experience," said Terry Savarise, Senior Vice President of Operations at the United Center. "The new renovations will allow fans the convenience of watching a game with modernized amenities no matter where you are in the 300 Level."

I'm pretty sure none of the members of BBS will ever be sitting in the 300 level ever again, since this blog is going places now... but assuming we do... we'll let you know if these new renovations mean anything.

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