Monday, August 24, 2009

Not so SuperCool, Beas ...

First, I want to wish Michael Beasley they best of luck with his rehab, and moving on with his life and career.

Second, I cannot help but think of the ramifications on the (at one point heated) debate of Rose v. Beasley for last year's #1 NBA draft pick.

The Rose SAT "scandal"/"controversy" has been covered with some previous links (3rd link down).

I realize that this reflects somewhat poorly on Rose (and rightly so), but the fact remains that it is in the past. This is a person whose goal/dream was to play in the NBA, but he had to play in college for a year to get there. He was not able to get the score needed to take that middle step ... so he "cheated" and did what was necessary. Poor decision? Probably. Completely in the past? Definitely.

Beasley on the other hand had some red flags, had issues at the rookie orientation, and now has this issue, which come about from twitter -
The NBA has established itself as the most successful league to integrate itself with social media. The league itself is one of recognizable stars, so it only makes sense that these players further their personal brands through means like Twitter and... ahem... UStream. It's a great opportunity for players to connect with their fans in a meaningful way, on their own terms. As long as they use it responsibly and don't do anything to draw undo negative attention to themselves, it's nothing but a win-win.

In completely unrelated news, Michael Beasley did something that doesn't look too bright right now. Why, do you ask?

So Beasley got himself a new tattoo with his nickname, 'Supercool Beas' across his back along with angel wings and a "God's Son" piece of text. Because, you know, when you're promoting your Supercool Beasness, you want to rep your Lord and Savior. And he wanted to share that with all his 'Tweeps.' So he took a picture and uploaded it to TwitPic. Then he tweeted that link. I'd love to link you to that tweet, but he deleted it. Here's the text, though, courtesy of "GorillaBeas I told u, I'm still SupercoolBeas!!!!!!!!! "

Not only is he the Supercool Beas, but he's very excited to share that information with you.

Ah, a young kid being silly. No harm, no foul, right?

Take a good look at the bottom right-hand corner of that picture.

No, not the 7-Up bottle, that's a good thing. Kid doesn't need any caffeine. No, what's curious, and what drew multiple comments on the TwitPic page and his Twitter account are what appear to be two plastic bags of something on the table.

Which lead to rehab -
Miami Heat forward Michael Beasley has checked into rehab, according to a Yahoo! Sports report. Sources are saying that the team encouraged the former Kansas State star to seek help for possible psychological and substance-abuse problems.

On Friday afternoon, Beasley had a very public meltdown via Twitter in which some of the following quotes were attributed to his account.

"Y do I feel like the whole world is against me...I can't win for losin," Beasley wrote.

"Feelin like it's not worth livin!!!!!!! I'm done."

Beasley's frustration had been born out of a posed Internet photo on his personal Twitter page. In the photo, Beasley showed off on his back while two plastic baggies could be seen on a table in the background. Some people have speculated on the bags' contents, even though the clarity of the photo makes it difficult to determine. After the photo became a fast-moving Internet story, Beasley posted the messages on his Twitter account before the page was shut down on Saturday night.

Speculation was fueled further by the fact that Beasley was fined $50,000 by the NBA for being in a room where marijuana was found during last year's rookie symposium.

So while it's clear that I would choose D-Rose as a player, it's now clearer ... Even though both of these players have issues, Rose will have an easier time moving forward in both life and his career.

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