Friday, August 28, 2009

The Michael Jordan Collection, Part 1

Last week I posted The MJ Challenge -
Think you have a big collection of MJ memorabilia/collectibles?

I feel confident saying that (assuming you're just an amateur collector like me) I have more MJ memorabilia than you. I've told plenty of people about my collection, but no one has ever really seen all of it.

In response to articles like this (claiming that the MJ shrine is a corporate sham), I want to post a completely non-corporate tribute to the NBA's G.O.A.T.

I'll start with an extensive post of my collection, and then feel free to send in pics of any cool MJ collectibles that you have, and I will post them on the blog.

And here is The Michael Jordan Collection, Part 1 ...
I started with all of the random / odd things that I had collected over the years. I then get into newspapers and magazines.
"The Michael Jordan Collection, Part 2" will be posted next week, featuring: the actual collectibles and limited-edition memorabilia, then finish things off with the MJ cards, easily my favorite part of my collection. Enjoy!

My first Jordan t-shirt, "Why drive? ..." -


Some Bulls Championship t-shirts -



Couple MJ shirts -


And the greatest coat of all-time. I think I wore this everyday from 1991-1998, and might start wearing it again -



And now some really random things:

Books -



More books and a menu from Michael Jordan's Restaurant -


Boxed set of "For the Love of the Game" -


Space Jam figures -


Collector's Edition Big League Chew and a random picture -


Couple calendars and the only pair of Jordan's I ever owned (the 1992 Olympic edition) -


VHS collection of the Bulls first 3-Peat -


Another MJ VHS and some MJ pogs -


Bulls Dynasty 1990s DVD and 20th Anniversary edition Ultimate Jordan DVD -


Life-sized MJ cutout -



Old school Champion jerseys in all 3 colors -


20th Anniversary authentic Nike throwback -



The newspapers (I tried to take a random sampling because I did not have time to take pics of all the old newspapers I saved):
















Some random MJ magazines -



Sports Illustrated:





SI and ESPN Career Tribute -


Wheaties boxes -


The greatest cereal box ever made -



Click here for "The Michael Jordan Collection Part 2".


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2j said...

It worked for me before, but now I don't see them either. I guess I will have to figure it out and re-post. Sorry about that.

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