Monday, August 24, 2009

D-Rose and TT

Memphis penalty too harsh? Dick Vitale thinks so -
I've had a chance to reflect on the penalties doled out to the University of Memphis basketball program.

A big part of the punishment came over Derrick Rose having someone take the SAT in his place.

I have a big problem with this whole situation.

Here is a simple question: Which Division I coach would keep Rose out of the lineup after the NCAA declared him eligible to play? There is an NCAA clearinghouse that determines player eligibility and they told Memphis that Rose could play.

I don't believe there is a coach in America who wouldn't play him after the clearinghouse declared him eligible.

Why shouldn't they play the No. 1 point guard when the governing body, on two occasions, declared him eligible.

Most influential in basketball -
40 - Derrick Rose, Player, Chicago Bulls: Derrick Rose will enter the NBA season with a new distinction as one of the top four pitchmen in the league. Rose's everyday persona, demeanor and life-like size have made him an instant hit in the shoe world and his success as a rookie on the court is fueling an up swell that could turn Rose into one of the more marketed NBA players this season. adidas is responding with a lot of support behind Rose and in Chicago's urban-centric market Rose has been a hit. If he can help power the Bulls into serious playoff consideration his stock and influence could be on the rise.

D-Rose and TT in top10 blocks -


And here's a link that should be clicked pretty much daily ... has an MJ HOF series going on for the next few weeks.

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