Wednesday, August 26, 2009

D-Rose and MJ

Top5 PGs -

Honorable Mentions

Derrick Rose - Chicago Bulls: Leaving Rose out of the top five was difficult. From a strictly physical talent and skill-set perspective, Rose is off the charts. D-Rose possesses other-worldly athleticism. His quickness is blinding; he can jump through the roof; and he is also a terrific passer who constantly makes plays. He is not a great shooter, but his jumper has improved, and can score from anywhere due to his slashing ability. But, at just 20 years old, he currently lacks the intangibles and leadership skills of veterans like Nash and Billups. There is very little doubt in my mind that Rose will quickly crack the upper-echelon of players at his position, and in the NBA in general; but he is still a pup matching up against wily old bulldogs.

Cannot believe D-Rose is only an honorable mention?!

Love this post - The 1990s: Decade of the Centers, mostly because it's ridiculous to call it anything other than "The Decade of Jordan" after he lead the Bulls to 6 titles while only playing in 6.5 seasons. I don't care how many great centers happened to play during the 1990s, the only reason any of them (read: Hakeem) got a ring was because MJ 'retired'.

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