Tuesday, August 4, 2009

NBA Schedule release!

And for the first time in a couple years, the Bulls are not playing on opening night. Anyone want to go to Butch Maguire's for the Bulls first game, October 29? Should be a rough start for the Bulls: back-to-back v. Spurs and @ Celtics!

Also, I am getting 4 tickets to the Bulls/Thunder game (January 4) in the $150-200 range, please let me know if you are interested in watching 2 future MVPs and Hall-of-Famers (D-Rose and Durant)!

Printable schedule

Sam Smith has some Bulls' schedule highlights -
It seems like the NBA may be saying to the Bulls something like, "OK, let's see if that playoff series with Boston was for real."

That's because the NBA released its 2009-10 schedule Tuesday, and the Bulls are in for a brutal opening.

The Bulls open at home Oct. 29 against the San Antonio Spurs, whom many experts felt had the most productive offseason with the additions of Richard Jefferson, Antonio McDyess and rookie DuJuan Blair.

The Bulls then go to Boston and Miami, return home to face the Milwaukee Bucks and then are back on the road to face the Cleveland Cavaliers and Shaquille O'Neal.

That's just the appetizer in November, which concludes with the always difficult so called "circus trip."

The Bulls head out to the Western Conference Nov. 13 for five games, concluding with a Thanksgiving Day game in Salt Lake City on Nov. 26, and then finish the six games on the road in Milwaukee Nov. 30. That concludes an opening stretch of 10 of 15 games on the road and road games against contenders like Boston, Cleveland, the Lakers, Denver, Portland and Utah.

It could leave the Bulls early in the season trying to dig out of a deep hole unless they come into the season well prepared and healthy.

And Chris Sheridan covers the league-wide highlights -
Oct 29: San Antonio at Chicago (TNT)
Richard Jefferson is expected to attend, wearing black. If he changes his mind, expect to be notified by e-mail.

Oct. 30: Chicago at Boston (ESPN); Orlando at New Jersey; Golden State at Phoenix
Based on what happened between the Bulls and C's in April, we should expect this one to go two or three overtimes, at a minimum. Also, Vince Carter returns to The Swamp, and several hundred witnesses are expected (when Jason Kidd played his alumni game at the Meadowlands, the place was maybe half-full, prompting Kidd to say it reminded him of his first home game with the Nets). For the Warriors and Suns, it'll be a night for both teams to wonder what might have been had the Amare Stoudemire trade talks on draft night moved forward. Over/under on Stephen Curry's playing time (Don Nelson has this thing about rookies; just ask Anthony Randolph): two minutes.


Dec. 2: Detroit at Chicago
Ben Gordon's alumni game, but you'll need to purchase the NBA package if you want to watch it. NBA TV is broadcasting nationally that night and has chosen to televise Sixers-Thunder and Rockets-Clippers (NBA TV also passed on Suns-Cavs, Shaq's first game against his most recent former team).

Dec. 15: L.A. Lakers at Chicago
You can expect some speculation about whether this will be the final time Phil Jackson coaches a game in the Windy City -- unless he makes that speculation moot before then by announcing his plans for 2010-11.


I missed this gem from TrueHoop -

Jeremy from Roundball Mining Company was alarmed to see that his Nuggets were playing 22 back-to-backs. Sounds like a lot, right? Dan from Piston Powered and Brett from Queen City Hoops pointed out the Pistons and Bobcats, respectively, each play 23 back-to-backs. As do the Bulls!

After reading about the schedule, and discussing it with the other 2 BBS contributors ...

THE BULLS GOT HOSED! What a terrible job of scheduling a young, likable team. This schedule fails to showcase a young superstar on the national stage, and hurts the teams playoff chances by shuffling the thru back-to-backs and no real home stretch to recover/get momentum. Thanks, David Stern!


DC said...

In for Butch McGuire's....maybe for the Thunder game...$150-200 is pretty steep. But probably worth it.

2j said...

Agreed, it's steep. But hear me out: at this point, it's pointless to pay $40-45 to sit 300 level. You can see more of the game watching on TV, and none of us are just looking for the experience of "being there". Rather than go to 2, 3 or 4 games per year and getting virtually nothing out of it(other than nachos), we would be better off spending our money on legit sits 10 or 15 rows from the court.

We are going to games to see something we can't see on TV ... sitting as close as possible to the court to enjoy the beauty of watching two truly special talents before they really hit their stride. This could be a coming out party for both D-Rose and Durant (as a top 3 PG in the league and as the best scorer on earth).

I want to be as close as possible.

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