Saturday, August 15, 2009

Saturday morning links...

Five things to watch for the Bears-Bills matchup tonight

It's not a stretch to say that this is the most anticipated pre-season Bears game possibly ever. The premiere of the "Jay Cutler Show" has every Bears fan chomping at the bit. Many of those fans will likely be donning his #6 jersey as it is the no. 1 seller on

The Jay Cutler Show: It isn't televised on VH1, like Owens' life, but Cutler's impact on his new team has been must-see. Cutler may take only about 15 snaps, but that should be enough of a glimpse to excite Bears fans. Notice the way Cutler takes charge of the huddle and line of scrimmage, and the way the team's tempo seems quicker. The arm strength will be obvious. But the biggest difference, besides the accuracy and velocity on passes, has been the way Cutler keeps plays alive with mobility that buys him time to put the ball where he needs to.

Ramirez' bat saves the Sox late for the second time this week

Any Sox fan will tell you how horribly they play in Oakland...and after squandering a 6 run lead with their ever deteriorating defense, Alexei Ramirez came to the rescue with an extra inning solo shot leading to an 8-7 Sox win. Ugly game...but any win in Oakland I'll take. Don't care how bad the A's are.

100% unrelated to the Bulls, Bears, or Sox...but the mighty Red Devils of Manchester United begin their Barclay's English Premier League season tomorrow morning at home against Birmingham. Will Wayne Rooney and Nani fill the shoes of the departed Cristiano Ronaldo? Will they win their 4th straight Premiership title? I know you're all dying to know. I'll be at Ginger's Ale House bright and early at 7:30 am tomorrow to find out.

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