Tuesday, October 6, 2009

30 For 30 starts TONIGHT

I am anxiously waiting for the first installment/story/documentary in ESPN's "30 For 30" series, which starts tonight.

Here is Bill Simmons' summary of the series -
Bill Simmons on 30 for 30

It started out as a one-paragraph e-mail in 2007. And only because I love documentaries. The goal of a well-written piece and a well-done documentary is fundamentally the same: you pick a story that hasn’t been fully explored yet, you throw yourself into it and you make it sing.

I know how to write; I don’t know how to make documentaries. But I know what makes for a good story. And in 2007, I wanted to see ESPN create more stories. So I sent my bosses a short pitch that hinged on three ideas rolled into one:

1. Our 30-year anniversary is coming up. We should do something.

(Note: ESPN loves celebrating ourselves. We’re the dude in college who throws himself birthday parties. “Hey, I’m turning 20! Let’s get a keg!” So I knew this would grab them.)

Read the rest, and set your DVRs!

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