Friday, October 16, 2009

Top5Friday (Sports Movies)

Every Friday all 3 of the BBS writers pick their Top 5 of something. Last week's Top5Friday was Fall TV Shows. This week it is Sports Movies ...


2J's Sports Movie Picks -

5. Field of Dreams
4. Jerry Maguire
3. Major League II
2. Remember the Titans
1. Blue Chips

Honorable mentions: The SandLot, White Men Can't Jump, Rocky I and IV, For the Love of the Game, Rudy, Hoosiers

Kmart's Sports Movie Picks -

5. CaddyShack
4. Raging Bull
3. Hoosiers
2. Finding Forrester
1. Rudy (Only here because of this week. GO IRISH! BEAT TROJANS!)

Honorable mentions: 61*, Bull Durham, Brian's Song, A League of Their Own, Tin Cup

DC's Sports Movie Picks -

I bucked the system because I watch a lot of movies (evidenced by my Netflix queue constantly hovering above 100), I could probably put together a top 25 easily. But as Coach Norman Dale stated in my #1 pick "I apologize for nothing".

10. Dogtown and the Z-Boys
9. Friday Night Lights
8. Field of Dreams
7. Rounders (only this low b/c poker is a stretch, but it's on ESPN so suck it)
6. The Natural
5. Kingpin
4. Bang the Drum Slowly
3. Caddyshack
2. Hoop Dreams
1. Hoosiers

Honorable mention: Varsity Blues, Blue Chips, Miracle, Once in a Lifetime, Remember the Titans, Eight Men Out, Rudy, Murderball

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