Sunday, October 11, 2009

NBA Player Rankings – Power Forward

Last week I posted “NBA Player Rankings – Small Forward”, now we move to ranking the power forward position …

These are subjective rankings, meaning that although I considered statistics, the final rankings are based on my personal thoughts and feelings on each player. I ranked each player based on the position they actually play for their team, and considered each players’ impact this year and going forward. The things I considered in developing my rankings are: skills/accomplishments, age, stage of career, future potential.

1. Tim Duncan
2. Dirk Nowitzki
3. Amare Stoudemire
4. Pau Gasol
5. Chris Bosh
6. Carlos Boozer
7. Lamarcus Aldridge
8. David West
9. Josh Smith
10. Rashard Lewis
11. David Lee
12. Antawn Jamison
13. Kevin Garnett
14. Anthony Randolph
15. Elton Brand

Just missed the list: Troy Murphy, Luis Scola, Paul Milsap, Tyrus Thomas

Timmy D is due for a decline at some point, but 80-90% of TD is still better than just about every other PF in the league. I love Pau, even though he’ll end up playing center when Bynum ineveitbly gets hurt again.

Not sure Bosh deserves to be ahead of Boozer, but who knows what is going on with Boozer in Utah. I even heard a rumor that Milsap would start and Boozer would come off the bench (which will never happen, but the rumor was out there).

The toughest placements in this list all ended up 8-11 (West – Lee). The bottom of the list was also tough – Anthony Randolph might be way too high, and KG’s spot entirely depends on the condition of his knees.

I put Tyrus Thomas at the very end of the list, which I’d like to think was not just me being an optimistic homer … but I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what it was.

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