Thursday, October 29, 2009

Never Too Soon For Some Vinny Bashing (+ BBS COMMENTS update)

Vinny Del Negro's Best Skill: Holding The Chicago Bulls Back

In my humble, almost 30-year-old opinion, Vinny Del Negro is among the very worst head coaches/managers any Chicago team has employed in my lifetime.

Former White Sox skipper Terry Bevington will take that prize until a blind man gets the job. He infamously walked to the mound to remove a pitcher once and called for a right handed reliever; there wasn't a righty warming up. Oops.

Also in the club is former Bulls coach Tim Floyd. He wasn't nearly as effective in the NBA, where the players are already getting millions, as he was paying the kids' parents as a college coach.

The Cubs would have their own class photo, with guys like Jim Lefebvre making an appearance. Tom Trebblehorn was pretty miserable, too.

The Bears have thrown mediocrity at Chicago, and they brought their cliche dictionary with them. It's too bad Dave Wannstredt never had enough time to get all the pieces in place to be a decent football team.

But there's a painful difference between all of these loser coaches and Del Negro: They, at least publicly, acted and said things that made you believe they believed they could win.


I'm sure you've all been aggravated by the process of trying to COMMENT here at BBS, and the problem has been fixed.

I had to remove the text box, but you can now click "Comment" below the post and it will open a pop-up window. Type your comments in there, and it will actually work when you post it.

So even if you've tried in the past and been frustrated, please feel free to comment often ... stating your opinion is probably more fun than reading our opinions. Thanks!


2j said...

Wanted to be the first to leave a comment under the new system.

Also, I'd like to point out that I am trying to come into this season with an open-mind re: VDN. I'm hoping he'll continue to learn and grow as a coach, and I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt (for now - that could change when he effs something up).

Lonely Dude said...

Bout goddamn time...

Kmart said...

Yeah tough to fault VDN for simply telling the truth. Almost all of the elite teams in the East got better or at the very least added depth. At best the Bulls kept pace.

Also based on the November/December schedule - being .500 at New Years would be a gift from on high. So I agree with Vinny that a hot start is overrated.

mike catron said...

they really layed it on about how much vinny called around the league and to g. pop about how to be a coach.... um not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing

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