Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Bulls and Bears Links

D-Rose still wants to play in 2016 -
Bulls point guard Derrick Rose was disappointed that Chicago wasn't awarded the 2016 Olympics Games, but still wants to represent the United States.

"It hurts," he told the Chicago Sun-Times of his hometown losing the Olympic bid to Rio de Janeiro, "but I'm still a candidate for the team and, hopefully, the coaches decide to put me on that team."

30 Best Go-To Players -
#17: DERRICK ROSE, Chicago Bulls

“Now I know this is gonna come as a huge surprise to everyone, but … I’M the artist. That’s right, people. I know — amazing, ain’t it? So young … so young.”
-Riley Freeman

The most tempting carrot in the race to rate Derrick Rose is to overrate him based on his prodigious potential. With a stellar rookie season (16.8 ppg, 6.3 apg) as the only work experience on his NBA resume, Rose — who just turned 21 years old yesterday — operates under the assumption that what we’ve seen from him so far is the worst that we’ll see; that each season he will raise his game notch after notch until, inevitably, he takes his rightful place beside Stockton and Isiah and Archibald on the point guard pedestal.

The most common evaluation of Rose: “When he gets a jumper, it’s WRAP.” I’ve said it myself, and still believe it.

Check out this video, it will be the weirdest 3 minutes of your day ...
JoaNoah Dances -
As he proved at the University of Florida, Joakim Noah might be the NBA’s most awkward dancer next to Mark Madsen. In this video to promote the Chicago Dance Marathon, Noah once again shows off his dance moves as well as his crib. He also attempts to act by playing Joakim Noah’s assistant, while a cute little white kid plays well, Joakim Noah. It’s weird and confusing, but check it out anyway.

Hollinger PER projections for the Bulls.

Will the Bulls build on the playoffs? -
Chicago Bulls.

Key Question: Will Chicago build on last year’s playoff against the Boston Celtics or fall-off in 2010?

The Quick Answer: For years, Ben Gordon polarized fans.

Some saw him as a dynamic scorer, capable of dropping big numbers and even bigger shots. Others felt his size was a liability -on offence, he could never be a legit first-option and, on defense, opponents would take to him to the block to create mismatches.

Chicago management was also split on Gordon. At times, they tried to lock him up long-term by offering multi-year contracts worth big money. At other points, management seemed to be pushing the former ‘Sixth Man of the Year’ out the door.

The Gordon saga finally ended when, as a free agent, he signed a five-year, $55 million contract with the Detroit Pistons in July. Here’s the question: what happens next in Chicago?

A successful 2010 hinges on the youngsters learning from last year’s playoff duel with the Celtics. This process begins and ends with super-sophomore Derrick Rose continuing to be Chicago’s best player since you-know-who retired and then un-retired to join those Washington Wizards.

Box score from Bulls/Jazz in London

Quick recap of the game -
James Johnson sank a fade-away jump shot from the baseline at the buzzer Tuesday to give the Chicago Bulls a 102-101 win over the Utah Jazz in an NBA preseason game.

Johnson, who finished with 18 points, got the rebound after teammate Derrick Byars missed a shot from the top of the key.

Luol Deng, who was raised in London after his family fled war-torn Sudan, impressed early and also finished with 18 points at sold-out O2 Arena. He left the game in the third quarter and did not return.

Jannero Pargo scored 16 points for the Bulls. Paul Milsap led the Jazz with 18 points while Deron Williams and Wesley Matthews had 16 each.


DC already posted a great summary of the Bears win over the Lions in "Week 4 Grades"

Cutler puts on a happy face -
When quarterbacks say it's not about the stats and all they care about is winning, they're telling the truth. They believe it, and they want you to believe it, too.

It's also true that quarterbacks can recite their passer ratings down to the sixth digit after the decimal point.

That's what makes me wonder how long Jay Cutler will put on a smiley face after throwing for 141 yards in a game. A quarterback who threw for more than 4,500 yards and 25 touchdowns last season may not always be satisfied engineering an offense that Sunday gained fewer yards than the special-teams return units. It may not be as pressing of a concern as the continued improvement of the offensive line or depth at linebacker, but this being the bye week makes for an ideal time to overanalyze.

Tommie Harris stole a line from Doug Rader when he said that because of injuries to key players -- most notably middle linebacker Brian Urlacher -- the Bears are going to have to ''win ugly'' this season. He's right. This team hasn't shown the firepower on either side of the ball that the Saints, Giants, Colts and Vikings have.

Then the question becomes, how long will ''winning ugly'' satisfy the franchise's new franchise quarterback?

Another version of 'Grading the Bears' -
One day later, the eye in the sky says that while the Bears lost some of their battles on the perimeter of the field against the Lions, they won the battles in the trenches.

And when a football team dominates with both of its lines, it has a chance to win no matter how its skill position players perform.

For the first time this year Sunday, the Bears took it to an opponent up front, both offensively and defensively.

Quarterback Grade: 6

Bears injuries -
Lovie Smith would prefer to have an off week halfway through the season, but having one after four games is perfect timing based on the Bears' injury situation.

Smith said Monday that wide receivers Devin Hester and Johnny Knox should be fine coming off shoulder-area and shin injuries, respectively.

In a Twitter post Monday, Hester wrote: "Hey fans n friends I'm ok, will be ready for atl game."

Smith was pressed about Hester's availability for the Bears' next game Oct. 18 at Atlanta.

"Right now, two weeks away, am I expecting Devin (to play)? Yeah," Smith said. "I'm expecting all of the guys to play right now. We haven't ruled anybody out. I'm pretty excited about having all our guys ready to go the next time we play."

That might not be reality.

Running back Adrian Peterson is expected to be sidelined two to three weeks after an MRI revealed he strained the medial collateral ligament in his right knee, according to an NFL source.

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