Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bull and Random

My power was out for the 3rd quarter and cable was out for the 4th last night. Looks like I would have been disappointed.

"The Bulls' bid for a third consecutive victory -- something they haven't accomplished in 1½ seasons and nine tries -- ended with this 92-87 loss Saturday to the San Antonio Spurs (26-13)."

"The loss marked the ninth straight time since April 2007 the Bulls have failed with a chance to post a three-game winning streak, though with a gritty, if sloppy, effort."

From the Weekend Dime on ESPN -
"West scout on why Chicago's Derrick Rose should be leading the Rookie of the Year race:

"Every time I see him, he's unbelievable. He can get anywhere on the floor with the dribble when he turns on the jets. And I think [Kirk] Hinrich coming back really helps. It helps Rose save energy and learn from a very good, disciplined, basic point guard. And then when it's winning time, he's got the ball in his hands and he's making all the plays.

"Just wait until he becomes a consistent jump shooter. It's just a matter of time; his jumper doesn't look broke to me at all. And it'll make his life so much easier. Look how much he's able to get to the rim now when people are playing him to drive.

"I keep saying that I want to see Rose, Chris Paul and Deron Williams play in a one-on-one tournament. It would be awesome. [Rose has] the size, quickness, same type of handle. He's got enough skills to play with those guys and would not be embarrassed at all.""

Amare is frustrated. Maybe he wants to play with D-Rose in 2010?

Superman impersonating the Governator.

"Luol Deng said his is an understated leadership style as one of the Bulls' three captains."

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