Thursday, January 8, 2009

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nba chat ... with this highlight:

q: OJ Mayo or Derrick Rose? Who would you want on your team?

a:Mayo is a great player; solid defender; good passer; good hoops IQ. But I'd take Rose. Rose's upside is scary. Mayo came into this season far more NBA-ready than Rose, but Derrick is still holding his won. Rose's unlimited upside is downright scary.

and discussion of d-wade to play with d-rose ...
q: Seems like your fellow columnist Pree believes D-Wade will join the Chicago Bulls in 2010. Do you think this could happen? Rose and Wade is flat out scary.

a: It wouldn't say it is likely, but it is a definite possibility. The Bulls will have some cap-room and money to play with in 2010. There are currently 5 Bulls contracts which extend into the 2011 season: Hinrich, Deng, Nocioni (27 million committed to those three), as well as Rose and Noah's rookie's deal. If they extended Ty Thomas, that would also eat into the cap. Obviously Chicago would prefer to move Hinrich at some point between now and then to clear cap-room.
The appeal to Wade would be coming home. As a Chicago kid, it's not unreasonable to assume that playing in Chi-City (alongside Rose) would certainly be appealing. But Wade also seems happy in Miami and will have every team in the league laying out the red carpet.

bull not waiving ruffin or hunter. it's not worth it b/c ruffin would still be owed some coin and hunter has been great for d-rose

plus, hunter enjoys being a mentor ...
Now Hunter is returning that favor, giving back to the game, in Derrick Rose's ear as much as coach Vinny Del Negro—offering pointers, cajoling, supporting.

and i love anything scathing about vdn or the bull organization ...

The Bulls lose six of seven, including one big pukefest to the Timberwolves, and these guys don't have energy?

Man, you'd think they'd have a bunch of energy with all the pregame eating in the locker room going on.

That, too, is such a joke, as is the so-called coach. Players obviously have no respect for Vinny Del Noexperience, Vinny Del Boylan, Vinny Del Doormat -- whatever you want to call him. If they has a Twinkie's worth of respect for the guy, they wouldn't break rules so blatantly.

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