Friday, January 16, 2009

More good stuff

" ... Thursday's Bulls national TV 102-93 win over the Cavs was the high point of this thus far somewhat disappointing season and filled with positive signs that this Bulls team isn't quite as dead in the water as it's seemed lately in losing to Minnesota and Oklahoma City.

By the numbers, the Bulls got 22 points, eight rebounds and four steals from Luol Deng, who has returned from a sprained ankle in the body of Luol Deng of 2007, cutting hard, shooting and scrapping. The Bulls got 16 points and six assists from Derrick Rose, who despite a poor shooting game never quit and broke down the Cavs defense throughout the overtime in finding Deng and Kirk Hinrich for wide open threes to win the game. And the Bulls got 12 points, five assists and three three pointers from Hinrich, who returned from his thumb surgery as some sort of cross between Doc Rivers and Richie Guerin, a tough, active and vocal hard playing guard to complement Rose."

Quick Q&A with D-Rose - "Q: Has playing in your hometown of Chicago helped with the adjustment or made it harder?

A: Helped. I can see my family and friends. I don't have to worry about being homesick, so that's good."

And just in case you forgot - before beating the Cavs, the previous high-point of the year ...

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