Thursday, January 15, 2009

Rookie Ranks

Rose at #2 on this list. Maybe he missed the 17 point domination in the 4th last night.

"2. Derrick Rose, PG, Chicago Bulls

Rose has already become the new "face of the franchise" in Chicago, and his stellar play early in the season raised expectations probably beyond what is reasonable for his rookie year. However, Rose is the real deal who has all the qualities to be an All-Star, championship lead guard. The fact that he is demonstrating those qualities on a team as directionless as the Bulls is even more telling of his talent level. Rose has great command of the ball and can go anywhere he wants with it. He has fabulous acceleration and body control, and can be a ferocious driver into the paint. His passing ability and talent to create for others has been stifled somewhat by the Bulls purposeless offense and poor shooting by his teammates. Expect his jumper to get better with each successive season to make him even more difficult to defend. This guy was the right pick at #1."

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GOAT said...

It's nice to see Luol's two annual three pointers come in overtime against the best team in the east.

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