Friday, January 9, 2009


after an article said the bull should get rid of noah because he is not productive, numbers show noah is the most productive player on the bull ...

Unfortunately for the Bulls (of the players who have played 500 minutes this year) only Aaron Gray is more productive than even an average player. And Gray plays the same position as Noah (and he’s not offering as much as Noah). At every other position, the players getting minutes are below average. In other words, every other player getting significant minutes is “not good” (at least, not so far this season).

To be fair, Ben Gordon, Derrick Rose, Drew Gooden, and Larry Hughes are not far below average (in fact, if you wanted to think of these players as essentially average, you would be fine). Still, none of these players have actually been “good” this year. And Luol Deng, Tyrus Thomas, and Andres Nocioni have clearly been below average. It’s the play of these players - players who are getting more minutes than Noah - that are primarily responsible for Chicago being a below average team in 2008-09.

the bull haven't traded for brad miller yet b/c they want spencer hawes? why didn't they just draft him?

Trading Miller for Hughes would be an immediate improvement, and would fill that need the Bulls have had for so long -- a halfway decent frontcourt scorer. Coupled with Joakim Noah, Drew Gooden, and Tryus Thomas, Miller could be a great way to for the Bulls to use their leverage and make something happen.

If they're trading with "franchise direction" in mind, though, Hawes is the real gem. At only 20 years old, he would be a franchise building block to set alongside rookie point guard Derrick Rose, the sort of player the Bulls could both rebuild around without having to wait too long to win. (Hawes also has a totally killer Myspace, too, bro.) A quick look at Hawes' per-36 numbers at Basketball Reference reveals a player ready to contribute now, at least in rebounding, with a developing offensive game in tow.

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