Sunday, January 11, 2009

terrible game

Though I'm either hungover or still drunk, I am still mad about the game last night. There were 2 (almost) back-to-back plays in the third quarter that were infuriating.
First, Rose started a 2-on-1 by flipping to Hughes, who was headed up the left side. Rose went out wide right, and was open for a bounce pass/layup or an oop/dunk. Selfish Hughes took it right at the defender, using his right hand from the left side to barely graze the rim with his pathetic layup attempt.
Another fast break, almost immediately after - Gordon and Rose. This time Gordon doesn't even get out wide to the left, so there is poor spacing as he comes down the middle of the lane. Rose came in from the right wing and was open for a bounce pass/layup. Instead, Selfish Gordon faked a chance pass and ran into Russell Westbrook to draw the charge.

postgame recap ...
"It's a miracle the Chicago Bulls didn't lose this game by more than they did. If this wasn't literally the NBA's team worst team, Vinny Del Negro's team gets trounced by 30. The glaring number tonight was that Oklahoma City out-rebounded the Bulls 54 to 36 (and the differential was even worse than that in the first half), including an overwhelming onslaught of offensive boards by the Thunder. There's a while there when I wasn't sure the Bulls could box out anymore, and that something Del Negro really focused on in his post-game news conference."

"The Bulls finally showed life on the boards and on defense in the fourth and rallied for a 90-85 lead with just under six minutes remaining. But the Bulls managed just four points the rest of regulation, sending the game into overtime. The Bulls never led in the extra session.
Oklahoma City put the game away with seven straight points to snap a tie at 96. The Bulls were outscored 15-4 in overtime."

Captain Kirk might play Thursday.
Maybe then Pax will pull the trigger on trading Hughes (or Noc, Thabo, etc.) for a bag of basketballs.
Plus, isn't Gooden tradeable for some useful (young and talented) assets? He is a legit backup at the 4/5 for a contender, plus a $7M expiring contract. We let PJ Brown go without getting anything back for his expiring deal, we will lose Gordon for nothing, so we should get something for Gooden. And this season is already a lost cause, so it doesn't matter if we lose the "most consistent 'post-player.'" Use the minutes to develop TT with Rose, or see if Joah Noah will ever be legit. (Personally, I think Noah and TT would be a great 4/5 combo for a fast-paced offensive team, plus they can anchor the at-the-rim defense).

award watch (MVP)
There shouldn't even be talk about other candidates right now, Bron Bron is a lock for MVP.

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