Thursday, January 15, 2009

Plenty of good Rose

"Best of all, obviously, was Rose making like Michael. His ball, his quarter, his game, his team."

Too soon for this question?? "After watching my boy Derrick Rose destroy the Craptors down the stretch last night, I gotta ask if you were starting a franchise today would you go with Rose or CP3?

There's no question that CP3 is more established right now and has already had a minor taste of playoff success, but he's also surrounded by better players instead of the pu pu platter that John Paxson has put together in Chicago.

Name me another point guard that has come into the NBA in the past two decades and dominated out of the gates like Rose? I mean he's breaking kids ankles who are playing five feet off of him!!"

"There is little that LeBron James still has to learn on a basketball court. Derrick Rose is following a similar learning curve."

Even Toronto thought D-Rose was wonderful: "Chicago rookie point guard Derrick Rose was primary reason for Toronto's latest missed opportunity. The 2008 first-overall pick was sensational, scoring 17 of his 25 points in the fourth quarter. He added 10 assists to just one turnover."

Blogabull liked the win, but still wasn't happy with VDN's gimmick lineups most of the game: "I decided to still side on wanting the Bulls to win. No matter how embarrassing Vinny is (and each game is an opportunity to top the last), he’s not getting fired this season.

And with a tenuous 4-point lead in the final minute and a half, Vinny did bring Thomas and Noah back into the game. And they got two stops (Toronto got a transition layup when the tiny lineup wasn't able to be subbed out between timeouts, whoops!), a big one of those being Noah blocking Chris Bosh on a potential game-tying final posession for the Raps."

And some exceptional non-Rose Bull news: "It's clear Larry Hughes is out of the rotation as the Bulls continue to shop him in advance of the Feb. 19 trade deadline."

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