Tuesday, January 20, 2009

More trade talk

Noc on the way out? - "The big talk is whether the Bulls will make a major trade. I'd doubt it, and I believe it will be difficult to deal Larry Hughes until after the season or during next season when his contract finally is expiring. I expect the Bulls would send him home once the trade deadline is past if they cannot trade him. His contract remains too much of a potential asset to release him. If there is a trade, I think it will be looking toward the future and the first one out, I'd guess, would be Andres Nocioni."

And Hinrich is not on the way out (same link as above)- "My guess is Hinrich stays for now unless the Bulls are knocked over with a package of young players and picks, which seems unlikely. Del Negro has been involving Joakim Noah in more specialized defensive situations, though Noah also needs to work on his game more. I'm not sure what coaching he is getting as the Bulls moved away from the big man coach again. But if Noah can keep from bringing the ball down so much and get in the kind of shape to hold his position and run himself into some scores, he'll be worth keeping and the Bulls need to get a better look at him and continue to play him."

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