Thursday, January 22, 2009

Game preview preview

Check out my game preview on Blogabull tomorrow afternoon (it's not up yet, but should be posted sometime after lunch - I will link to it).

I started writing this, but cut it because it has nothing to do with the Bull v. Raptors (so I'll put it here instead) ...

Without getting too far into trade talks, I never thought that I would be against trading Larry Hughes for any reason. But why trade him to get nothing back? Shouldn’t we just send him home and trade him next season when his expiring contract will have some value? If the thought is freeing up money to sign BG, I have to hesitate. An NBA roster can really only handle 3 near-max deals – we have Luol and Rose (in a few years). So if we give BG a near-max deal, are we ever winning a title when 2 of our top 3 players are BG and Luol?? (NO!)

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