Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Great summary ...

... of this embarrassment of a team (from Blogabull) - "It's gotten comically bad in this 5 game losing streak, and after not seeing Friday night's game, I couldn't say I missed watching the team play. Apparently they lost to Toronto after giving up 31 points in the 4th. At least that seems easier to swallow than the late-game execution miscues and lineup strangeness that gave them close losses in the other contests, culminating in a final play in Minnesota two days later that had the star point guard (and apparently everyone else) looking completely confused. And then further confused as to whether they even practice such things or not.

That followed off-court issues, specifically Ben Gordon and Vinny getting in a shouting match in front of the media over a fine. This is Ben Gordon, one of the few established professionals on the team(almost to a fault). Vinny then compounds that misjudgement (that was the best way to enforce and levy that fine?) by spouting completely embarrasing spin that the argument was good because 'it shows fire', and normal because he's Italian. This was said by the head coach of the Chicago Bulls."

There's no other way to hype the game tonight [I'll be watching LOST instead)] - "Still, there is a bit of added drama to what would be an otherwise ordinary January game between the struggling Chicago Bulls and the floundering Clippers tonight at Staples Center.

How about a showdown between standout rookie guards Derrick Rose of the Bulls and Eric Gordon of the Clippers?"

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