Friday, March 13, 2009

Couple links

LeBron James: Bring On Your Travel Rule Revisions - TrueHoop

The NBA is considering a rule change that would add a second step after a player gathers the ball in place of the one step currently in the rule. LeBron James is on board with this revision:

"That would be good, I could get my move back," James said of the potential rule changes. "They stole my move. I've gotten used to knowing that you have to land on two feet."

Mini-rant...OK, let me get this straight, you are changing a rule that you don't even call correctly 99 times out of 100 to give players an extra step (which they are already currently taking)? Do they actually think this isn't going to lead to LeBron creating a "Lobster dribble" that will allow him 3 steps without dribbling...which is effectively coast to coast for him? Here's a crazy thought: just call the rule correctly now. If you start calling it consistently the players will stop taking advantage of your incompetence. I don't care that LeBron has been practicing an illegal move since high school. He's a big boy and can adjust.

What's next? A 5 second violation instead of 3 because Dwight Howard counts more slowly than referees?


PER Diem: March 13, 2009 -

Another reason to hate Hollinger's PER ratings. He thinks Brook Lopez should win ROY and Marc Gasol should be second.

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