Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Odd game ...

Just realized I had not posted about the game against the Pistons last night, probably because it was not worth talking about. Could you imagine if we did not win the lottery and last night's Bulls was the team we had to watch all of this season?! It would be miserable, and we might have the worst record in the league. Luckily for Pax we got the 1.7% miracle known as D-Rose.

Other than that sad realization, the game was pretty boring. It's actually crazy that this terribly-coached Bulls team has a chance at the playoffs ... the 7th spot in the East no less! I dislike Vinny more and more each game. It's scary to think that our playoff chances could come down to one game - one play, and Vinny will be the one with the drawing board.

And now, some links ...

Video "highlights" of the game.

The Bulls were on national TV (TNT) last night, and the halftime analysis was great -
The Bulls suck. Those three words served as halftime analysis during TNT’s national broadcast of the Bulls-Pistons game Tuesday night.

I guess Captain Kirk was good last night -

With Derrick Rose sitting on the bench in his uniform and sweats Tuesday night, many in the crowd of 20,502 might not have known injury forced the rookie guard to miss his first game of the season.

But if the left-handed high-fives weren't enough of a giveaway, surely the brace protecting his severely bruised right wrist was.

Playoff races don't allow much time for pain or sympathy, and the Bulls knew they had an able substitute in their 99-91 victory over the Pistons anyway.

Kirk Hinrich — remember him? — stepped in and stepped up with 24 points, eight assists and three steals as the Bulls placed all five starters in double figures to close to within one game of the Pistons for seventh place in the Eastern Conference playoff race. The teams meet again in Detroit on April 13.



(a) make the playoffs (obviously one-and-done), which almost ensures vinny will be back to start next season, or

(b) miss the playoffs, get a lottery pick, and increase the odds that Vinny will be fired in the off-season??

[More to come on this later ... ]

Random league-wide links ...

"(Sacramento) is the worst team and being here you find out why... There are many young guys that want to find their niche, but they are so far away... There's no chemistry or teamwork. I can't see how this team could be competitive in the near future in the West... The draft is going to save no one. I don't know, I'll see what happens this summer."

Cavs v. Bulls in the playoffs? A view from the White House -

We all know that Barack Obama will be rooting for an upset by his Bulls -- a team he loves so much he had them to the White House not after winning the championship (as is traditional) but after losing to the Nets.

But does he know that in his own Office of Management and Budget there is a senior economist in economic policy who has a second job advising the Cleveland Cavaliers?

Dan Rosenbaum spends his days working on issues like education and the alternative minimum tax. But he spends evenings and weekends helping Danny Ferry and the Cavaliers figure out how to beat teams like the Bulls -- by advising on player acquisition, coaching strategy, and more.

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