Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Luck of the Irish?!

I missed the game last night because of stupid night class, but the highlights were great.  Anyone else wishing that we gave Salmons the $71M contract instead of Luol?!  He seems to be everything you want in a max contract player (athletic and can create buckets) rather than Luol (unathletic and only makes only open jumpshots).  

Enough of that rant - I really think last night's game eliminated any chance we re-sign BG this summer.  We'll just slide Salmons to SG (which I really like) and start him in the backcourt with Rose.  (The Bulls with a big backcourt?!?).  Luol playing with Rose and Salmons also makes him better.  There are 2 guys who can get to the basket, letting Luol stand there and drain 18-footers when his man collapses to help.  I'd like to keep BG as a 6th man, but I don't think it works with his ego (and some other team over-paying him this summer).

Getting rid of some NBA teams?!  A proposal for just that.

D-Rose and CP3 ... love the comparison
As a rookie in 2005, Paul was often compared to Tony Parker—the sort of quick-thinking point guard with an ability to dish the ball with ease and score in droves. Now, four seasons later, Rose finds himself being compared to—who else?—Chris Paul.
But Rose, always modest, has been batting away that comparison all season. "I'm not even near where he's at right now," he admits. "That will take me a little while, but hopefully I'll get there."
When it comes to watching the best point guard in the league, Rose says he admires "Everything—his leadership, his moves—he's a leader when he's out on the court" 
But Paul, seemingly competing with the Chicago rookie for the highest level of modesty, makes a bold statement about Rose. When asked if he could see any of himself in Rose, his response was the epitome of humble: "He's a lot faster than me, a lot more explosive than me, and a lot more athletic than me. So it might be, do I see myself in him."

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