Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Difference in Last Night's Game

The Bulls suffered through yet another late game collapse last night falling in double OT to the Heat.

Here is the main difference in my eyes:

-At the end of the first OT when the Heat (or El Heat last noche) had an inbounds pass at half court they ran a great play to get the ball into their best player's hands, Dwyane Wade, and he nearly won the game. In fact, he was unlucky not to hit the layup.

-At the end of the second OT, the Bulls have an inbounds pass at half court on the last possession and we unable to get the ball into their best player's hands, Derrick Rose.

I don't know if we should blame VDN for not having a workable inbounds play to get the ball to our point guard (probably) or Rose for not being able to get open (maybe a little). But either way that ending of the game was a kick in the nuts.


Anonymous said...

I honestly have a hard time believing that ball was going to Rose anyway, bro. Salmons had been scoring all night along with Rose and Gordon was simply having the night to hit the game winner.

That being said, Jesus. How does Salmons try that behind the back Ole bullshit when he has 11 full seconds. Lack of play calling in the huddle and lack of confidence to win a game late.

The Bulls made a statement last night, tho. They would not let Wade's ridiculous game count them out. I am surprised the Bulls fought as hard as they did to begin with.

The thoughts on Gordon were interesting in your post. We shall see where the Bulls go.

2j said...

Of course they were going to Rose! Salmons was hit in the 1q, but BG had the hot (literally on fire!) hand in the 4q/OT. They were going to run the screen roll again and hope BG’s man came to help - he didn’t at the end of regulation, probably wouldn’t have this time either. 99% of my blame goes to VDN (along with all the other problems on this team). I do have to blame Rose a little bit - he started to come back to get the ball from Salmons, but wasn’t aggressive enough.

DC said...

Bill, on any team the ball is going into the best player's hands at the end. If Lamar Odom is having the game of his life, the ball is still going to Kobe for a last shot. Not to say Rose = Kobe...but you have to get the ball in his hands in the scenario. No one can get to the basket better than him on our team for a shot or a penetrate and dish to Gordon, who was hitting big shots all night.

I highly doubt VDN called out Salmons number during that timeout. He was the safetly valve on the inbounds and got the ball because VDN couldn't draw up a play to get the ball to Rose first or Gordon as a second option.

GOAT said...

Since those of us living in "the south" only got to watch the last 5 minutes of the game on NBA TV, I would like to turn the discussion to "Noche Latina".

Can somebody please explain why the NBA puts spanglish on the front of the Heat's jersey to honor hispanic heritage? I recall watching a game last year between Los Suns and Los Spurs and being equally confused. Will we be getting the "Los Bulls" treatment this season?

El Goat

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