Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Random NBA

CP3 is good -

Yes, it's easier for a small guard to dominate today's game than it was for John Stockton and Isiah Thomas to dominate in the '80s, and it's true that we don't know if Paul will have the longevity that the players above enjoyed.

Nonetheless, compare Paul's first four seasons to any point guard from the post-merger era, and one conclusion becomes evident really fast -- the only player who can even plausibly compare to him is Magic.


Thus, I must implore you again -- watch this guy, and appreciate him while he's in his prime. Those in the know are seeing the best point guard since Magic Johnson, and arguably the best little man of all time … and the lack of attention to his exploits continues to bewilder me.

The Clippers are bad -

Gordon finally passes to Randolph, who takes two dribbles and ...

(Oh no.)

Picks up his dribble and ...


Launches a 28-foot 3-pointer with a hand in his face. His third airballed 3 of the night. Actually, it was more than an airball -- it almost killed the ballboy.

Cavs ball, 1.8 seconds left.

The fans are in disbelief. Randolph's teammates are in disbelief. Dunleavy is making a face that my friend Sal later describes as "A face I have never seen a human being make before." What ensued over the next 20 seconds could best be described like this: Imagine being trapped in one of those big hospital elevators with eight other people. One of them pulls his pants down and just starts going to the bathroom -- not number one, but number two. At that specific moment, the doors open for the next floor. How fast would everyone else in the elevator flee for the door? Lightning-fast, right? Like, Usain Bolt-level fast, right? That was the entire stadium after Z-Bo's airball. He basically took a dump on the 3-point line.

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