Thursday, March 19, 2009

Rose dominates Westbrook

Response to response ...

After the new poll was up, Kmart had this comment:
I think we should look to package Kirk and Deng this offseason. Even though their value is at historic lows, if we can move them both for some young talent and expirings, we can afford to give BG his $11-12 mil per over 4. We'll still have Salmons to play the 3 and enough roster flexibility and cap room to still go after a superstar in 2010.

Agreed, but isn't that impossible? Kirk and Deng are both big contracts that go beyond 2010. Any team with hopes of landing a superstar (or just a player better than Kirk and Deng) would have zero interest. That leaves teams with no hopes of a 2010 player as potential trade partners in a Kirk/Luol package ... and those teams are either: (1) terrible, (2) have no cap space, or (3) both.

Most terrible teams are looking to cut costs (even some good teams are, i.e. the Hornets). This is especially true considering the likely drop in the salary cap next year. That means that bad teams will not be looking to take on Kirk/Luol.

I think the same runs true for teams with no cap space, unless we take back bad contracts and draft picks or something. I'm not sure that draft picks are the answer, because we've already got a couple projects (TT and Noah). At this point we should be looking to turn our assets into a legit front court player, not more picks.

The new poll got this response from Gow:
I hate KIRK, I just cannot watch him any more. I NEVER like or respected his game. Deng is making Dollars so he might be a bit harder to get rid of

Derrick Rose made all ten of his second-half field goal attempts in the Bulls' 103-96 win at Oklahoma City. Rose is the first player to go 10-for-10 or better in the second half of a game since Dwight Howard (10-for-10) on March 14, 2007.

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