Friday, March 13, 2009

Couple things

DC's post below ... agreed and agreed: the travel rule is poorly applied, and any system that doesn't have D-Rose and Westbrook as the top 2 for ROTY is flawed.  (Hollinger's system also doesn't have Jordan with the top finals performance.)

Chicago (29-36) was on the wrong end of one of the wildest games of the NBA season on Monday, starting a three-game road trip with a 130-127 double-overtime defeat in Miami as Dwyane Wade made a running 3-pointer at the buzzer.

The Bulls traveled north to Orlando for a game Wednesday night, but barely bothered to show up. Ben Gordon and Derrick Rose finished a combined 3-for-22 from the field and Chicago shot 31.4 percent overall in a 107-79 loss.

"Everything we were doing was real difficult," coach Vinny Del Negro said. "We didn't bring the energy. We didn't make any shots. ... It was one of those nights."

The Bulls missed an opportunity to jump past Milwaukee into sole possession of the eighth spot in the East, instead joining the Bucks at seven games below .500 while New Jersey, Charlotte, Indiana and New York all lurk within 1 1/2 games.

Recommended listenning / watching: The Basketball Jones.  This is a podcast done by two guys in Toronto (JE Skeets and Tas Milas).  They are entertaining and well-informed about the Association.  I listen to the audio podcast virtually daily, and would recommend it to anyone who listens to podcasts and follows the NBA.  

There was a great rant by Tas the other day (end of the March 10 podcast) about Vinny.  I've tried to type it up below, but it's worth the listen (skip to 18:20): "The Bulls are laughably pathetic at the end of game situations, like has Vinny Del Negro drawn up one play this year?  Their play is 'who's shooting well?'  Put your hand up - Ben puts his hand up and 'OK we're going to get you the ball and just do something.'  You don't see them running off screens or setting picks ..."  I couldn't agree more.

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