Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Overtime loss

Didn't really want to write about the overtime loss, mostly because I was so upset with how poorly Vinny coached and managed the game. Why did we fire up a shot with 17 seconds left? Where was Salmons in overtime? Why weren't we going for 3 and the win at the end of the OT? Why was Rose guarding Matrix in OT? Why were we helping off Bargnani all game?

The angry texts / BBMs were flying and no one seemed to know what Vinny was doing. And that's the man entrusted with getting us into the playoffs? What i f it comes down to one game or onee play? More importantly, Vinny is the man entrusted with the early career development of D-Rose. Scary.

#1 (1) – Derrick Rose – Chicago Bulls (36-39) – 16.4ppg, 6.2apg, 3.8rpg
You can start to see how scary good Derrick Rose is really going to be. Sure, Chicago lost Sunday's overtime game in Toronto, but some of the contortionist layups he nailed down the stretch were both clutch and unbelievably athletic. D-Rose is the Rookie of the Year, and he's really running away with it now.

Watching John Salmons in action the past few weeks, it appears the Bulls acquired a smooth and accomplished professional scorer.

His shots from long range have fallen regularly, but he drives to the basket equally well. The 6-foot-6 swingman has a knack for knowing how to get a good look at the rim, by either pulling up, fading away or driving to the hoop.

During March, since he stepped in at small forward for the injured Luol Deng, Salmons has averaged 21.3 points and shot an even 50 percent from the field.

Only four NBA players have scored 20 points and shot 50 percent for the full season, and two are guards (Chris Paul and Tony Parker).

The amazing thing about Salmons, though, is he never has done this before. The 29-year-old Philadelphia native averaged double figures for the first time last year, his sixth NBA season.

"I'm a late bloomer," Salmons said. "Some guys, they get it early. Some guys don't."

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DC said...

I think the shot with 17 seconds left was all Gordon. I blame him for that. What I blame Vinny for is the "play" leading to that. With 17 seconds left you don't immediately need the ball in Gordon's hands. Ideally, you can get a penetrate and dish to Gordon for an open set jumper. But, once again, VDN decided not to get the ball into his best ballhandler and penetrator's hands, Derrick Rose.

Unfortunately, they are playing so well right now they are likely saving VDN's job.

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