Wednesday, March 4, 2009

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TrueHoop's investigation into traveling:

I didn't watch the game last night (stupid law school), but "sluggish" and "flat"? That type of description has to reflect poorly on the coach, right?

My post-deadline hopes of reaching the 6th or 5th seed are over, and even making the playoffs seems far-fetched, if not pointless anyway.

It's not just odd rotations (has to be told to play Rose, then insists he's in charge) that are hurting Del Negro. After the deals they have a fairly stacked roster (certainly compared to the Bucks, Knicks, Nets, etc.), but clearly the Bulls areinconsistent bad because they’re not being coached.

Luol Deng is scheduled to undergo a CT scan Wednesday on his right tibia contusion after sources said he received a second opinion from outside the Bullsorganization that hasn't ruled out a stress fracture.
After Deng missed the second half of Saturday's victory over Houston, Bulls officials said X-rays showed a possible season-ending stress fracture.

Vinny Del Negro initially declined to shed insight into his portion of the conversation with general manager John Paxson regarding Derrick Rose's fourth-quarter playing time.

"That's between us," Del Negro said. "We talk all the time."

Asked a second time, Del Negro responded.

"I'll make decisions on the team on what I see fit for players and when they should play and when they don't," Del Negro said. "I know my players better than anybody. Derrick is going to be out there in the fourth quarter. Everyone is going to be held accountable defensively.

"If I feel there's an advantage for us to do certain things in the fourth quarter, those are the decisions I have to make as the head coach. And I'll make them."

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