Monday, March 9, 2009

Rose and Bull

Rose is back at #1
Rose's most recent heroic performance, a 27-point showing over the Milwaukee Bucks, came at a time when the Bulls really needed a victory. After having won three of their last four, the Bulls are seated in the playoff picture now largely due to Rose's efforts. And this is what separates him from the other two guys in the top three. Rose is winning, and the other two guys' team s have won only 16 games a piece. When everything else is equal, wins matter.

This team has enough talent to win a few. They're not being coached, so they'll lose a few. While (as of Sunday afternoon) they have a half game lead and sole possession of the 8th seed, with 3 road games against good teams this week they can easily lose that 'stranglehold'. And probably will.

But with an easy ending schedule and underwhelming competition for that playoff spot, the Bulls will still probably make it. It doesn't matter.

I don't mean "it doesn't matter" in the perspective that only championships matter and the Bulls aren't winning a championship. A playoff 'run', no matter how brief, is better than barely missing. Important for Derrick Rose to get more games, and take part in a playoff atmosphere, get more pub on national TV, etc.

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