Monday, February 23, 2009


First game with the revamped roster - underwhelming. Maybe it was the
11am start, or adjusting to the new roster, but the Bull did not look
great in the loss to the Pacers.

I'm willing to give it a few games for everyone to get adjusted -
assuming Vinny has a system in place for everyone to adjust to, which I'm not sure about yet.

And anything that makes D-Rose happy is fine by me: Game recap -
Those struggles, though, did little to temper the Bulls' optimism about their revamped roster. They know they can play better, and they know all three newcomers will help.

''I'm loving that they're here,'' Rose said.


Negative reaction to Sunday morning's game -
It was a game the Bulls should have won, particularly considering their spirited win over the Nuggets on Friday night. But, of course, they did not, losing 98-91 at Conseco Field House.

So…what happened? Well, basically, it was the same old story. Troy Murphy (27 points, 14 rebounds) joined the growing list of not-so-great big men (along with Anderson Varejao, Joel Przybilla, Nick Collison, Zaza Pachulia, et al.) who have notched their season-high in scoring against the welcome mat that is Chicago’s defense.


Lots of stats showing how good the 2008 rookie class is doing.

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