Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Chat with a Pistons Fan ...

Has convinced me to re-evaluate this move more objectively. Steve basically said that we have a pretty legit team (one of the best PGs in the east, scoring 2, backup PG, versatile 3, and big guys who run and rebound). But we are still only decent / good, so rather than being content (like the 2005-06 Pistons), you make moves.

So, am I severely overrating TT? Or the hope that TT will eventually become "Amare-esque"? Obviously it's not a guarantee ... and isn't Amare everything us Bull fans have been dreaming of for the last few years? A big, versatile, athletic PF that can hit the jumper and play with his back to the basket?

Maybe we should make this move. Is our current roster really getting us to the promised land? Again, my instinct is to consider 3-4 years from now when D-Rose and TT are matured and hitting their prime. And I would hate to get Amare and wind up in the 2nd round of the playoffs for a few years, then when D-Rose is ready to go to the next level, Amare is on the decline.

But think about it - Amare Stoudemire on the Bull! The team that gets the biggest name / best player almost always "wins" an NBA trade, so it's hard to argue that the Bull are not the clear winners if we end up with Amare.

So the real question is: do we want to get significantly better right now with a 26-year-old Amare, the type of scorer / athlete that we've dreaming of for years? Or ride it out and hope that our 22-year-old, rough-edged TT can turn into that 4 years from now?

But does any of this matter now that Amare is unlikely to be traded??

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