Friday, February 6, 2009

Guest post ...

Compliments of Kmart:

Here's a list of (somewhat) reasonable trade's I would pull the trigger on from least reluctant to most reluctant but would still do it.

1)Noah / Gooden / Gordon for Amare

2) Noah / Gooden / Thabo for Amare

3)I'll miss you... =(
TT / Gooden / Thabo for Amare

My take on things: The Suns would be most likely to go for the last option, but I would absolutely hate to see TT in another uniform. I would be happy to send Noah (without TT) + others, but not sure if that's enough. The Bull might be better off waiting til next year when Hughes' corpse has value to package with Kirk / Noc or something like that. If we do something now, might have to take a bad contract with Amare and give up a draft pick or something?

I cannot tell if I am severely overvaluing TT and Noah, but a part of me thinks they could be good with Rose and Deng in about 2-3 years. Amare is 26 and has had injuries. Am I really talking myself into keeping this team together? Yes. I have always been adamant about keeping TT, and I think Noah can be a good center on a fast-paced team. He is just now getting into shape and has looked good lately - so what if he has a good summer and plays well all of next season? I realize starting TT and Noah means that we continue without a "low post presence" - but didn't we once win 6 titles without that? If TT keeps developing his jumpshot this summer, the pick-and-roll with Rose / TT could be ridiculous. Add Luol waiting to drain 18 footers, and all of a sudden we don't need much from noah (just energy / rebounds / defense).

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