Monday, February 16, 2009

Omission ...

From my "ranking assets" post - pointed out by Kmart: "JJ as I was debating the trade I didn't see Thabo on your list of assets. I'm curious if you would put him ahead of or behind the 2009 pick.

Assuming we had to include one of these two in a trade. Which would you give up. Thabo or the pick?"

And Kmart was exactly right ... not sure if I would put Thabo above or below that pick - thoughts??

1. D-Rose (enough said)
2. Tyrus Thomas (almost as untouchable as Rose)
3. Luol Deng
4. Joa-Noah (looking good, could be a legit center on a fast-paced team)
5. Ben Gordon (higher if we could keep him without breaking the bank)
6. Kirk Hinrich
7. 2009 Draft pick / THABO??
8. Noc
9. Gooden
10. Aaron Gray
11. Lindsey Hunter, Ced Simmons, Michael Ruffin
12. Larry Hughes

Thabo is young (only 24) and is only in his 3rd NBA season, but has shown little offensive improvement. PLus, he's not really the D stud he was hyped to be. On the other hand, the Bull are showing as the likely 8 seed in the East, so it will not be a great draft pick.

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GOAT said...

Give me the '09 pick any day over Thabo.

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