Friday, February 6, 2009


Could the Bull get Amare? (And more importantly: can we get Amare and keep TT? I've heard a rumor with BG instead of TT). Either way, I don't see it happening. But supposedly Amare is available, and the Bull have what the Suns want.

The Bull beat the injury-riddled Hornets earlier this week. I really like when Rose, Kirk, Luol, TT and Noah play together. Blogabull likes the starting lineup VDN has used recently, and it's hard to argue. We have almost looked like a basketball team.

Here's a possible reason why - "the biggest reason is the improved play and consistency of power forward Tyrus Thomas and center Joakim Noah."

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Kmart said...

Here's a list of (somewhat) reasonable trade's I would pull the trigger on from least reluctant to most reluctant but would still do it.



3)I'll miss you... =(

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