Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Trade things

Hinrich being dealt? - "The Bulls have been shopping Larry Hughes and Gooden for months, but multiple executives suggested Tuesday night that Kirk Hinrich suddenly was closer to relocation than any other Bull entering the final day and a half of trading.

Minnesota, according to NBA front-office sources, has strong interest in Hinrich and is pursuing the 28-year-old to address a void at lead guard that hasn't been filled by Randy Foye (whose success this season came after a shift to shooting guard) or the undependable Sebastian Telfair."

Not rumors, but should happen - "3. Knicks send David Lee, Malik Rose and Jared Jeffries to the Bulls for Tyrus Thomas and Larry Hughes.

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Why should the Knicks do it?
It would help the Knicks tremendously in the summer of 2010. Not only would it clear the last $6 million of Jeffries' deal off the books, but it would ease the Knicks' worries about losing Lee for nothing this summer in free agency.

If Thomas were to keep developing, they could pay him in the summer of 2010 along with LeBron. If he were to struggle, they could let him go and bring in two big free agents with all of their cap room. In the meantime, Hughes would help shore up a big hole at the 2 and he too would come off the books in 2010.

Why should the Bulls do it?
Lee would bring a change in culture to the franchise. He's a double-double machine and a good locker room guy. They'd have to pay him this summer, but given the horrific financial market, it probably wouldn't cost them a fortune. It also would save them some money heading into the summer; getting Hughes off the books would clear an extra $7 million or so under the cap.

Will it happen?
Maybe. The Knicks don't want to lose Lee for nothing and they would love to move Jeffries' contract. The Bulls need a shake-up and adding Lee would help get the team back to its winning ways."

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